A well-chosen presentation topic can resonate with the interests of your audience. It’s a major driving force to keep the audience hooked and engaged. If the topic is not relevant or focused, you won’t be able to deliver an impactful presentation. Thus, selecting a motivational and well-researched topic for a presentation is always essential.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best topics for presentation. Using the recommended topics, you can create an influencing presentation that can engage your viewers. Moreover, it will spread awareness about significant issues among the viewers.

Part 1: How to Choose a Great Presentation Topic

Part 2: 6 Trending Presentation Themes to Captivate Your Audience in 2023

Part 3: How to Create an Engaging Presentation?

Part 1: How to Choose a Great Presentation Topic

Do you find it challenging to select a suitable presentation idea? In this section, we will list some major key points that can help you choose interesting topics for your presentation.

select a good presentation theme

1. Know Your Audience

If you want to create an impact on your viewers, you should select a topic that intrigues your audience. You should know about what kind of audience will watch your presentation. You can check your audience’s demographics, like age, gender, and academic background. By doing so, you can come up with a topic that can evoke interest and excitement among your viewers.

By knowing your target audience, you can deliver your main message through the presentation. Your aim should be not to offend the emotions and firm ideologies of your targeted audience. Thus, you should study your audience before choosing a topic for the presentation.

2. Be Unique

Many people deliver their presentations on various topics. It can create monotony for the viewers that may make them feel bored. However, if you want to stand out among other presentations, you should offer unique content to your viewers. First, you should discover your interests and expertise, which motivates you. By identifying your passion, you will be able to conduct thorough research on the chosen PPT topic.

Furthermore, you can explore different angles of the topic to provide a distinct perspective to your audience. You can highlight an aspect that hasn’t received attention in the past. This will intrigue the viewers and engage them in your presentation.

3. Show your Expertise

One major factor that can help you select a suitable presentation is knowing your strengths, skills, and knowledge. It would be best if you chose a topic that is familiar and well-known to you. Doing so lets you show your expertise to the viewers by presenting accurate information. Moreover, locate the gaps in the knowledge of your chosen PowerPoint presentation topic.  

You can bridge the gaps by showing your expertise and offering significant insights. Moreover, you can brainstorm the selected topic into smaller sub-topics. This can help in simplifying the complex concepts and terms for your audience. Your goal should be to present accurate and verified information to your audience through your expertise.

4. Be Clear and Concise

A lengthy and elaborative topic for the presentation is always challenging to explain. A broader presentation topic involves several factors, variables, and points. Discussing all the terms and complex concepts in a single presentation can be hectic. Also, your audience won’t be able to absorb extensive information from your presentation. Moreover, it can also deviate their focus from your presentation.

Here, the key is to choose a clear and concise presentation idea. It will make your content focused and help in delivering a cohesive presentation. Furthermore, gather data, resources, and research material for a concise presentation topic.

5. Informative and Goal Oriented

To select an interesting topic for presentation, you should prefer an informative and goal-oriented subject. For this, analyze current trends in your preferred field. You can address trending challenges, misconceptions, and insights. You can also take help from the studies and research made on your chosen topic in the past. This can help you in offering all the significant insights to your audience.

Furthermore, you should know the goals of your presentation. You should decide whether your aim is to educate, be aware, inspire, or entertain the audience. By setting a clear goal, select the best topic for your presentation.

6. Accurate Thesis Statement  

A strong thesis statement displays your beliefs, objectives, and ideas. After selecting a topic, you should have an authentic and sensible thesis statement related to it. You can explain the factors through your lenses by forming a strong opinion. Besides, you should develop a debatable, focused, and well-researched thesis statement.

This will help you present your insights and thoughts in a focused way. Moreover, you can showcase your abilities and confidence to the viewers by expressing your strong opinions. This can be highly helpful to get a spotlight as a presenter.

Part 2: 6 Trending Presentation Themes to Captivate Your Audience in 2023

To help you choose interesting topics for your presentation, here are some trending ideas that might help you.

best presentation topics

1. Post-Pandemic Travel and Tourism

In this presentation topic, discuss the major evident changes and the impacts on the tourism and travel industry. You can discuss the technical innovations, safety measures, and destination preferences in the post-pandemic era.

You can highlight the negative impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry and how it affected the world economies. The developed countries also came up with digital innovations to make tourism safe and easy for people. Here, explain how technology helped provide facilities like digital passports, virtual tours, etc.

2. Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

Cybersecurity in the digital age has been given extreme importance in this modern world. You can talk about the complex process involved in protecting computer systems, devices, and essential data. You can also give an example of a major cybersecurity threat that occurred to giant companies in the past. Moreover, discusses network security, endpoint security, and cloud security, which are different implementations of cybersecurity.

You can also talk about using artificial intelligence and deep learning in cybersecurity. These advanced technologies are the backbone of offering enhanced cybersecurity. Furthermore, list the countries and multi-national companies that have invested in cybersecurity.

cybersecurity presentation theme

3. Trends in Themes of Korean Dramas

Korean dramas have gained immense viewership over the past couple of years. Many people across the globe are fond of watching K-dramas. If your audience is mostly female and young, you can discuss the trends in themes of Korean dramas in your presentation. You can discuss the different types of Korean dramas, such as romantic, slice of life, romantic comedy, thrilling, and family issues.

You can give examples of top-rated Korean dramas of 2023 to distinguish between multiple themes of Korean dramas. Furthermore, sheds light on the factors that play a huge role in the success of Korean dramas. Also, highlight the famous actors and actresses in Korean dramas with huge fanbases.

korean dramas presentation theme

4. What Does the Continued Decline in Birth Rates Represent?

The decline in birth rates in developed countries is a significant issue that deserves attention. You may have heard that low birth rates are reported in developing countries like China, Japan, and Canada. Moreover, explain why people nowadays don’t want to start their own family. You can list down several factors here, like economic burden, work-life balance, and change in social dynamics.  

Here, highlight the transforming role of a woman in this modern age and the change in her preferences. You can also consider the implications of low birth rates in the respective countries. Next, you can present your data as charts, tables, and graphs. This can help the audience to understand the information.  

5. What are the Contradictions Between Feminism and Patriarchy?

Feminism and patriarchy are broader topics as they both have several variables. You can draw a comparison between both terms from past studies. You can also highlight gender equality, gender hierarchy, and their implications on today’s world. Moreover, you have to explain the main ideas of patriarchy and how it contradicts the definition of feminism.

Furthermore, make your audience aware of individual freedom, empowerment, and equal representation that reflects the ideas of feminism. By comparing feminism and patriarchy, you can shed light on the differences between the traditional and modern ideas of gender.

6. Economic Recovery and Financial Resilience

Economic recovery and financial resilience can be an essential topic for presentation. First, you should define the reasons that cause economic or financial crises for any nation. In this topic, you can discuss the several stages of economic recovery in a structured manner. You can give examples of countries that have gone bankrupt but stood again through successful economic recovery.

Furthermore, you can give various strategies to drive economic recovery. Here, you can highlight the key role of government, policymakers, citizens, and overall expenditures. You can also provide details about financial planning, risk management, and the roles of business industries. Also, explain the involvement of technology in financial resilience.

Part 3: How to Create an Engaging Presentation?

Once you are done selecting the theme for PowerPoint, you can start creating your presentation. To generate a flawless presentation, you can try Wondershare Presentory. It’s a game-changer tool as it consists of tons of tools to create an impressive presentation. You can get help from its built-in templates available in different categories. Moreover, it allows you to import your images, videos, and PPT slides on this tool.

It also offers various backgrounds, stickers, and text overlays to create a presentation. By using such elements, you can enhance the overall appearance of your presentation. It also provides an AI tool that can generate your presentation with the provided topic. This AI feature will create sensible presentation content related to your topic.

Main Features

1. This tool provides a teleprompter where you can make notes for your presentation. It can help you professionally deliver your presentation.

2. To create video presentations, this tool lets you record and live stream in the best possible quality. You can also determine the settings of the microphone, camera, and sound.

3. You can also add various animation effects to your presentation with Presentory. It has three main categories of animation effects: appear, disappear, and emphasize.

4. From its resources, add different backgrounds, web stickers, and text to your slides. You can also add custom assets to its resources to add personalized changes to your presentation.  

How To Create Flawless AI Presentations With Presentory Automatically

Are you ready to create a presentation with the AI tool of Presentory? Here are the straightforward instructions that can help you create an AI-powered presentation:  

Step 1: Navigate to the AI Tool

Start by launching Presentory on your PC. After opening its interface, click “Create with AI". Once done, enter your presentation topic and related details in the given space. Press “Enter” to proceed. After some seconds, the tool will start creating the content according to your topic. If you find the output satisfactory, hit the “Continue” button.

tap on create with ai

Step 2: Choose a Theme and Refine the Results 

Now, the tool will ask you to choose a relevant theme style for your presentation. Click on the desired presentation theme style and tap the "Continue" button. Afterward, the tool will prepare all the slides for your presentation with the AI content. Then, you can make the manual changes from the offered options.

press the continue button

Pricing Plans

Package Name Price
Quarterly $4/month
Perpetual $34/month

Last Words

Selecting a topic for a presentation can take time and effort. However, make this process easier by understanding the major requirements of an impactful presentation. In this article, we highlighted many factors you should consider while choosing a presentation topic.

Moreover, we have also offered 6 different themes for your presentation that can engage your audience. Once the presentation topic is selected, you can generate slides automatically with Presentory. It’s a professional AI-powered tool that features dozens of advanced options to edit presentations.

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