Are you searching for paper presentation topics for CSE? Computer science and engineering is a rapidly emerging field. The latest developments and up-to-date information gain more attention there. That’s why selecting a hot topic boosts academic and professional growth. Presenting such topics elevates networking opportunities and attracts industry experts. Thus, it results in internships or job opportunities.  

Moreover, presenting a hot topic can set you apart from your peers. If you aim to publish your paper, addressing current work trends is essential. Keeping in view the importance of technical paper presentation topics for CSE. In this article, we will explore innovative and creative solutions. This paper will discuss top trending topics and presentation ideas.

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Part 1. Trending Topics in CSE Presentation

Imagine having an older smartphone without the latest updates of 2023. It is the same as the CSE field without tech revolutions and transformation. Staying up-to-date is the only secret to success in computer science and engineering. Moreover, students choose a career or a professional trying to be market-competitive. Read further to know some impactful CSE presentation topics

1. Artificial Intelligence

The current most advancing area of CSE is Artificial Intelligence. It refers to the ability of computer-based systems to perform human-like functions and is designed to work like human cognition. AI programs are based on machine learning and deep learning systems. Thus, make a presentation introducing AI and its application in daily life areas.

Later on, discuss expected advancements in those aspects. So, further plans can be prepared and implemented according to your research information. You can also shed light on the potential use of AI in diagnosis and treatments. Also, explore algorithm trading or fraud detection in finance. Moreover, you can discuss how AI in self-driving vehicles can reduce manual labor and risk management.

artificial intelligence cse presentation topic

2. Edge Computing

Edge computing is a turning computing paradigm that involves networks near users. Edge refers to processing data at high speed and bringing it closer to where it is generated. Some of its possible components include edge devices, on-premises infrastructure, and network edge. You can use this PPT topic for CSE students and discover its useful applications.

For instance, discuss the combination of AI and edge computing for city development and traffic management. Moreover, you can examine its role in IoT (Internet of Things) and highlight intelligent devices. Also, explore its role in optimizing manufacturing and quality controls. Above all, guide students on how 5G networks and edge computing enable low latency services.

3. Quantum Computing

An area of computer science that is based on quantum theory. This technology uses the law of mechanics to solve problems of classic computers. Quantum algorithms use new approaches and create multidimensional computational spaces. For your update, Google and Microsoft are developing their quantum computers. You can discuss their claims and implications.

Moreover, elaborate cloud-based quantum and its accessibility to developers. Also, highlight challenges in quantum error correction code to make it more reliable. Furthermore, you can explain the principles of quantum cryptography, including Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

quantum computing cse presentation topic 

4. Robotics

It's a branch of CSE that includes robot design, conception, operation, and manufacture. It contains 3 fundamental parts: software, electrical, and mechanical. According to some predictions, 20 million manufacturing jobs will be lost by 2030. In this regard, robotics plays a vital role and sets an automated future. So, many types of robots can be discussed in the presentation paper.

Moreover, you can incorporate AI-supported robotic systems that include machine learning and deep learning in the CSE presentation topic. You can also introduce the use of robotic drones in crop monitoring and harvesting. Also, discuss potential applications in pollution clean-up and robotics surgeries.

5. Cybersecurity

In simple terms, cybersecurity is concerned with protecting digital and computer-based systems. Professionals usually aim to protect the data of companies and software from threats. Statistics show cybersecurity careers have grown 37% in the recent decade. In your presentation, you can cover password-based authentication and biometric authentication.

Furthermore, it explores implementations of the zero-trust security model. Highlight the impact of ransomware attacks and strategies to recover for organizations. Also, you can address security challenges in voting systems. Plus, it emphasizes the importance of blockchain technology and consensus algorithms. Moreover, it can be strongly used in securing mobile applications.

6. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics refers to storing, interpreting, and analyzing biological data by computer technology. Computational methods, software tools, and algorithms are used to understand genetic variations. Protein structures and DNA structures are also studied by it. Thus, there are a variety of topics to be discussed under bioinformatics.

Highlight personalized medicine field and genomics data of patients for treatment plans. Moreover, it combines AI and deep learning to detect disease and its biomarkers. However, CSE in bioinformatics involves data mining, sequence alignment, genome assembly, etc.

bioinformatics cse presentation topic

7. Cloud Computing

It refers to a situation where computing is done on the cloud rather than a desktop or portable device. It includes managing, storing, and accessing data from remote servers. For instance, Google launched App Engines as its cloud computing. There are public, private, and hybrid modes of cloud computing. It has become an integral part of computing that supports applications.

You can explore serverless computing, its development, and its benefits in your presentation. Also, one can discuss multi-cloud management tools and simplify its resources. Moreover, you can convey the cost optimization issues and plan cloud cost monitoring. Cloud services are also closely related to 5G technology. In addition, developers can merge edge computing and IoT to provide mobile services with speed.

8. Secured Web Portal for Online Shopping

Web portals are immensely used for shopping for products. It enables a single platform to core services and content. To ensure the privacy of financial information, secure web portals are essential. However, one can utilize blockchain technology for data integrity. Also, MFA technology can be used, such as OTP and biometrics.

Another factor that can be studied is voice activation, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, to tackle security challenges. Furthermore, developers can focus on AI chatbots to protect customers' data. You can also explore Augmented Reality (AR) to examine how they provide secure shopping experiences.  

9. Polymer Memory

Plastic memory refers to polymer memory, an emerging concept in CSE. They are used to store memory in devices by using organic polymers. It can be retained and stored in a flexible and environment-friendly way. So, one can introduce this technology along with its working principles. In addition, explore the types of polymers, such as conductive and ferroelectric, in your technical paper presentation topics for CSE.

Furthermore, current obstacles, research, and industry adaptations can be highlighted. Traditional and polymer memory can also be compared regarding cost and benefits. You can also examine commercialization and eco-friendly aspects of it. Plus, the data accessibility, manufacturing costs, and compatibility with devices can be discussed.

10. Screenless Display

Cutting-edge technology to view digital content without any traditional screen is called Screenless Display. It projects information into surroundings or directly into the human eye. In computer science, this technology is revolutionizing the way we interact. For this purpose, AR glasses like Magic Leap are being used. Additionally, working on a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset is going to enhance the gaming experience.

Moreover, you can discuss the Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), which enable thought-controlled devices. Gesture-based interfaces can also be explored that allow digital interaction through body movements. Also, you can teach the project mapping and light-field displays to the students.

screenless display cse presentation topic

Part 2. Presentation Ideas for CSE Students

Nowadays, CSE students are learning about technologies and embracing shining futures. Presentations can play a crucial role in learning and knowledge sharing. In this regard, you have to select a CSE presentation topic that suits your interests and expertise. Below are some creative ideas to brainstorm according to your requirements.  

1. Creativity

Technical topics for PPT presentation for CSE that are creative gain audience engagement and interest. However, choose a topic that unleashes your creativity in the project. Students can combine digital art and programming to enhance art experiences. Moreover, you can introduce humanoid robots programmed to perform creative tasks. 

You can also discuss how AI can be used in the image recognition of many objects. Furthermore, creative projects at the hackathon can also be presented. It enables you to highlight challenges and innovative coding solutions. By discussing the creative algorithms, the audience can also obtain knowledge and inspiration. 

2. Abstraction

Considering your crowd's expertise level, use the abstraction of concepts. Thus, you can break complex data structures into diagrams, graphs, and tables. Moreover, you can visually present the machine learning systems, including the neural networks or clustering algorithms.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) can also be abstracted in neural networks. Also, layers in cybersecurity, digital threats, and encryption can be abstract. So, these kinds of topics prove beneficial in the case of non-technical audiences.

3. Data and Information

For professionals, paper presentation topics for CSE must contain information to deliver. So, select a topic with a background, an introduction, and specific practical methods. Furthermore, data and information are used in many areas, like agriculture, journalism, and health care. For example, AI and data analytics can combine to manage emergency and relief efforts.

Data analytic sensors can also help in personalizing market strategies. Also, data security can be examined in terms of securing transactions. By mixing data and AI, explore the role of data sets used in machine learning training. 

4. Algorithms

Algorithms play a vital role in solving problems in various domains. Some of its aspects include algorithm designs, applications, and analysis. Thus, one can explain algorithms like Grover's and Shor's algorithms. Moreover, you can discuss the algorithms in language processing, like machine translation and sentiment analysis.

Also, highlight concepts of routing, online algorithms, and resource allocation. In blockchain technology, Proof of Stake (PoS) and Poof of Work (PoW) algorithms can be explored. You can also explain algorithms designed for distribution and parallel computing.  

5. Programming

The heart of computer science engineering is computer programming. However, one can elaborate on code refactoring and secure coding techniques. In addition, discuss concepts like functional programming and Python programming. Also, you can demonstrate TensorFlow, which is a popular machine learning model.

You can also discuss how to utilize Botpress or Dialogflow to create chatbots and discuss integration possibilities. Furthermore, parallelism and concurrency in programming can also be explored in how they relate to multi-processing and multi-threading programming. 

6. Internet

Interconnected networks are known as the Internet. Through the internet, people are connected through intricate web servers and data centers. In your presentation, explore an emerging phenomenon like the Internet of Things (IoT). The dark web is another concern of the internet and an upcoming hot topic of the digital age.

Additionally, the fundamentals of internet protocols can be discussed. In addition, internet technologies can be discovered, like HTTP/3 and IPv6. Above all, one can discuss 5G technology, internet models, and applications.

7. Global Impact

Apart from discussing the latest algorithms and programming. One can work on current issues and come up with digital solutions. Highlight a topic that contains global impact, like sustainability or other advancements. Thus, study market trends or challenges and introduce remote job technologies. In the healthcare section, you can discuss the working on telemedicine for underdeveloped regions.

Moreover, you can explore the development of eco-friendly technologies and present global examples. Also, you can explore renewable energy solutions that are more advanced than existing power grids. In addition, brainstorm ideas for electronic recycling that cause worse impacts on health.

Part 3. Best Presentation Software – Presentory, Making Your CSE Presentation Appealing

Despite selecting the best technical paper presentation topics for CSE, making it appealing is also essential. After getting content, people search for PowerPoint templates because presentation templates save time and effort. So, bring a captivating presentation that visually represents data and inspires. In this regard, AI-powered tools are helpful for students and professionals.

Wondershare Presentory is an AI presentation software. It offers AI features to create presentations that capture the viewer’s attention. For presenting the presentation, you can record, create, or livestream videos. It has a user-friendly interface that requires no prior knowledge or skill. Thus, generate a presentation in seconds and deliver it effectively.

Key Features

  1. Create a stunning presentation with polished and innovative templates. Presenters can use templates that suit their topic. Later on, they can change the background of the slides. You can choose meeting rooms or any other color background from the Background options.
  2. Animate objects and bring life into your presentation. In this tool, there are many slide transitions and animation options. Thus, add emphasis, appear, and exit motion into any object, text, or picture. In this way, key points will be highlighted that you want to keep noticed.
  3. Surprisingly, this AI tool can generate content by just entering a topic. It will create a structured outline of the presentation. Afterward, the content gets added to slides precisely. Hence, it saves your efforts of hours.
  4. With built-in AI, you can record or stream your video along with the presentation slides. It allows you to apply makeup and remove blemishes from your face. Also, it enables you to adjust video quality and brightness levels. Moreover, the video can be converted into different layouts.
  5. This tool contains a cloud service that protects your data. It allows you to collaborate with freedom. You can save your project in the cloud and edit it anytime. Moreover, you can share presentations on any popular platform.

How to Use Presentory and Create CSE Presentation Efficiently

As we have explained, the unique AI features of this AI-powered presentation maker. It contains a user-friendly interface that allows you to generate projects quickly. Read below to get a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use this tool:

Step1Explore Create with AI Option

After getting Wondershare Presentory on the system, double tap to access its main interface. Then, find "Create With AI" and select this option to explore it.

choose create with ai feature
Step2Enter the CSE Topic and Get AI Generated Content

From the Presentory AI window, type your topic in the text box named "Type a topic here." Next, hit the "Continue" option after reviewing the outline generated by its AI. Afterward, select a suitable theme from the displayed themes available. Now, press the "Continue" button and wait a few moments.

press the continue button
Step3Insert Animations or Customize as Per Required

With its built-in AI feature, you will get custom-made slides based on your topic and selected theme. To add animations, select the object and tap the "Animation" option at the top-right corner. Select the required animation and set orders of animation in one slide.

From "Resources," choose any sticker or background as needed. After finalizing the presentation, hit the “Project” option in the top bar. There, from the drop-down menu, select “Save Project As”. Then, export the file to your desired location on the device.

customize the cse presentation
Wrapping Up

Selecting a hot topic for presentation can elevate your growth. CSE students can use topics like computing edge, algorithms, and robotics. Thus, this guide has discussed technical paper presentation topics for CSE. After selecting the topic, getting a tool for impactful presentations is essential.

In this regard, Wondershare Presentory is the most accurate tool for diverse needs. Its AI features can generate content and insert it in attractive templates with one click. Also, you can record videos and change the presentation background. Last but not least, it provides rich resource assets. All in all, it holds all the dynamic features that a presenter looks for.

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