Current affairs help individuals to become informed citizens. Knowing the current affairs is essential to comprehend the occurrences around you. Moreover, it can help to make intelligent decisions by evaluating the current dynamics. Thus, delivering a presentation on current affairs topics can be advantageous. By doing so, you can make the audience think about geopolitical issues. Also, it will make people aware of the implications of current issues.

This article will offer various current affairs topics for presentations. You can select your desired subject in which you have an interest. Moreover, we will also suggest a professional presentation maker to assist you further. Hence, keep reading this article.

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Part 1: Current Affairs Topics for Presentation 2023

Are you ready to explore current affairs topics? Here are 10 examples that can help in choosing the best presentation topic.

1. Titan Submersible Implosion  

On 18 June 2023, a submersible called Titan imploded in the North Atlantic Ocean. This became global news as 5 renowned people died on board. The implosion occurred during the expedition of the Titanic wreckage.

In this topic, you can cover several factors about implosion. You can highlight the causes of implosion in detail. Moreover, you can discuss the global coverage given to the implosion of Titan. The presentation can also be used to share the details of its rescue operation.

titan submersible implosion 

2. Economic Crisis of Pakistan

In this current topic for presentation, you can discuss the economic crisis in Pakistan. The political unrest from 2022-2023 in Pakistan brought up many implications. One of the biggest challenges in Pakistan is its struggling economy.

You can give statistics about the hike in inflation in the past 1 year. Furthermore, you can discuss the recent data on low GDP per capita and foreign reserves. Also, you can talk about the federal budget of Pakistan and its implications.

3. Rising Global Inflation

Rising global inflation is a significant current issue. In this topic, you can discuss many factors contributing to increasing global inflation. You can discuss the monetary policies of major central banks. Moreover, you can highlight the impact of COVID-19 on the disruption of supply chains. You can also shed light on the hike in energy prices. An increase in the prices of petrol and gas has also caused high production costs.


rising global inflation

4. Russia-Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a major geopolitical issue. This war has caused many implications globally. You can highlight the humanitarian and refugee crisis in Ukraine. Moreover, Western countries and the EU have imposed many sanctions on Russia.

It has created geopolitical tensions between the countries. You can also explain the economic impact of the Ukraine and Russia wars. The sanctions on exports and infrastructure damage are causing economic crises in both countries.

russian ukraine war

5. The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The advent of ChatGPT has brought many changes in written communication. It has compelled people to think about the future of AI. In this topic, you can cover the transformative changes in the future through AI. Many researchers have predicted that AI will continue to develop in machine learning, NLP, and facial recognition. Moreover, people will experience the benefits of AI in healthcare, education, and autonomous vehicles.

6. Plastic Pollution

Through the discussion of current affairs topics for presentation, you can raise public awareness. Plastic pollution has given rise to many environmental challenges. You can discuss its impact on marine and wildlife. Moreover, the abundance of microplastic in the surroundings is also alarming. Furthermore, you can share tips for effective plastic waste management. Here, you can highlight the countries that have taken evident steps to ban the usage of plastic.

plastic pollution

7. What is Going on in North Korea?

North Korea is counted among the most isolated countries in the world. Many people are unaware of the ongoing crisis in North Korea. Thus, this presentation topic can help inform people regarding this country.

The Kim dynasty has ruled North Korea for many decades. Moreover, they have faced criticism for violating basic human rights in their country. You can also explain the global sanctions on North Korea to pressure its regime. You can also briefly discuss the border issues between South Korea and North Korea.

8. US Mass Shootings

According to Forbes, 500 people have died due to mass shootings in the US. This current issue has raised many concerns regarding the rising homicide in the US. In this issue, you can highlight the motivation behind mass shootings.

The common causes are extremism, mental health, ideologies, and others. Furthermore, you can also shed light on the current debate on gun ownership. Thus, you can discuss the current gun control measures in the US.

us mass shootings

9. Increasing Mental Health Issues in Japan

This current topic for presentation can highlight the mental health challenges in Japan. Japan has unique societal norms that are challenging for the mental peace of its citizens. You can discuss the implications of mental health issues in Japan, such as rising suicides.

There are many factors that are leading to mental health challenges in Japan. For instance, stress in corporate jobs and academic fields has a high contribution. Moreover, people in Japan also often face social isolation.

10. Global Humanitarian Crisis

The humanitarian crisis globally needs to be addressed on every platform. Through this current issue topic for presentation, you can highlight the violation of human rights in many countries. You can take examples of Palestine, Kashmir, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, etc.

Furthermore, you can shed light on the refugee crisis in the world. Millions of families get displaced due to conflicts and violence in their homelands. Here, you can also explain the food and health challenges faced by the refugees. Also, you can highlight the underlying causes of major conflicts in a brief manner.

global humanitarian crises

Part 2: 5 Tips to Choose the Best Current Topics for Presentation

Are you feeling confused about selecting the best presentation topic? No worries, as this section will guide you in choosing a meaningful current topic for the presentation.

1. Identify your Goal

The first thing to decide is your primary goal. To make persuasive presentations, you should know your purpose. By defining your goals, you can easily convince the audience about your opinions. Moreover, you would be able to bring focus and coherence to your presentation. You would be able to make efforts and research according to your topic.

A well-defined goal also optimizes message effectiveness. Deliver the main message of your presentation proficiently. It even helps you manage your time properly throughout your presentation.

2. Analyze your Audience

After defining your goals, analyze your audience. To make your presentation successful, the content should be relevant to the audience. Observe the demographics of the audience to create relevant content. For example, check their professions, age, gender, and educational backgrounds. This will help tailor the content according to the audience's taste.

Furthermore, analyzing the audience helps with adaptability. You can determine a communication style and approach in accordance with your audience. Thus, ensure to check your targeted audience to select a suitable presentation topic.

3. Conciseness in Details

While choosing a presentation topic, you should prioritize conciseness. You cannot cover all the aspects of a wide topic. Thus, a concise presentation topic can help describe all the relevant elements. Furthermore, it will help the audience to pay attention to a concise subject. This will make your presentation easy to understand.

Moreover, an overwhelming topic for a presentation can increase your efforts in doing research. It can make your task hectic and time-consuming. Hence, you should choose a concise, current topic for the presentation.

4. Know Your Interests

To select the best presentation topic, knowing your interests is also important. It will help in showing your passion and expertise. Your keen interest will make your presentation noticeable. Furthermore, you would be able to conduct thorough research on the topic. This will also help in answering the queries of the audience effectively. Also, you would learn new concepts that may enhance your understanding of your interested subject.

5. Appropriateness Of Topic Area

Appropriateness determines that your topic meets the expectations of the audience. Your audience may have certain norms, values, and beliefs. Your chosen topic should not offend their beliefs and cultural values. It’s recommended not to select a controversial topic that may harm someone’s feelings. Thus, selecting an appropriate presentation topic is crucial.

Furthermore, your research and the content of the topic should be balanced. A biased opinion may look unprofessional in front of your audience. Thus, select an issue where you can easily adopt a neutral approach.

Part 3: Try Presentory for Making Professional Presentations

After choosing a current topic for presentation, you would require a tool to create presentations. The most reliable tool that you can try is Wondershare Presentory. It has an intuitive interface in which you can perform various tasks proficiently. It offers an AI tool that creates presentations according to the given topic. Furthermore, it has many preset templates to enhance your user experience.

Presentory is not an ordinary presentation maker. It offers many cloud services that can help in collaboration. It also provides a password authentication feature to protect the saved files in its cloud storage platform. Thus, you must have Presentory on your PC to generate presentations without difficulties.

presentory ai powered presentation maker

Key Features

  1. Import Options: This tool allows the import of many types of files. You can import images, videos, and PPT slides in their original form. It also allows you to share your desktop screen during presentations.
  2. Text Editor: This tool offers many font options to edit your text. Moreover, you can adjust the opacity, font color, and text size.
  3. Beautification Effects: There are also many beautification effects in Presentory. These effects can enhance your visual appearance of you. You can remove blemishes from your skin flawlessly. Moreover, it allows you to add subtle makeup to your face using the settings.
  4. AI Keying Feature: The AI keying in this tool can eliminate the background from the image. It also helps in supporting the color picker of the background. Meanwhile, it does not damage the portrait image during the process.
  5. Live Streaming Options: To live stream the presentation, this tool supports many streaming platforms. Examples are Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.
  6. Advanced Teleprompter: It offers an efficient teleprompter where you can add presentation notes. You can also import text files on it. Moreover, you can adjust the size, color, text color, and alignment from the settings.
  7. Eliminating Background Noises: While recording the presentation, there can be background noises. With its noise reduction feature, you can remove unwanted noises. Also, it helps in enhancing your vocals in the presentation.


Current affairs topics can make the audience well-informed about global issues. Thus, preparing presentations on current affairs topics is essential to groom the audience. You can also raise awareness about ongoing social issues. To select meaningful current topics for presentations, this article is for you. We have discussed 10 current affairs topics that can intrigue your audience. Also, we have offered helpful tips for selecting the best presentation topic.

After choosing the topic, you should also select a presentation tool. Therefore, we have suggested Wondershare Presentory as the best presentation maker. It offers tons of options to create and edit presentations. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface, which can be ideal for beginners.

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