Artificial intelligence has replaced human labor in this technology-driven era. Wasting time on preparing presentations has been a concern for students and professionals. With AI creation tools, you can auto-generate presentations while impressing your audience. You can reduce workload by crafting AI for PowerPoint presentations.

AI-supported technologies are developed to provide smooth, secure, and user-friendly experiences. This guide will explore how you can use AI for presentation generation in unique and captivating ways. Additionally, it will help you choose the right tool for your presentation.

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Part 1: How AI Can Help Empower Your Presentation

AI-supported tools are meant to add visually appealing elements, transitions, and animations. Moreover, it can generate content according to your requirements. AI for slides can create animated videos without a camera and crew. Surprisingly, AI tools can add interactive elements, keeping in mind the targeted audience. Read below to find some useful examples of how AI empowers your presentations.

1. Content Generation

Heading towards a deadline, and your presentation content is still pending? With AI-built-in tools, you can get automatic content by a topic or related keywords. Moreover, you can transform a document into summaries or key points through these AI for making presentations.

It can translate or explain content in a wide range of languages. Besides, AI can suggest suitable content according to the targeted audience for personalization. Hence, AI has enabled educators and marketers to save time and energy on content creation.

2. Content Optimization

This refers to the dynamic experience of inserting graphs, text styles, and visuals in your content. AI tools can generate content according to the targeted audience’s choice. Furthermore, it can add interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and stickers to maintain the audience's focus. AI can change the structure and length of content based on the audience's preferences.

According to your presentation topic, AI for PPT can predict future trends based on data. For error-free content, AI can auto-correct spelling mistakes and check grammar.

3. Data Analysis and Visualization

Considering the audience's preferences, AI can generate charts, animations, transitions, and colored texts. It can make the presentation aesthetic and appealing by providing layout recommendations. Moreover, AI enables you to analyze data by attracting infographics.

You have to be prompt with relevant information, and it will create infographics. Humans can retain graphical information and creative presentations better than others. AI generates visuals of the latest data trends for educational and marketing purposes.

4. Image Recognition and Enhancement

While creating presentations, AI can categorize and identify complex objects, scenes, and images. Later on, it can label those identified visuals to understand the context better. It provides you with high-quality content or visuals for educational and marketing purposes. AI for PowerPoint can enhance image quality, color, and brightness to enhance the creative element in presentations.

In addition, AI can enhance the visual experience by adding captions under images. It can help impaired individuals to better understand the context of those visuals.

5. Design and Layout Assistance

Another unique feature of AI-supported technology is captivating themes, designs, and layouts. AI can automatically suggest engaging presentation templates, or you can manually select any. With appropriate heading, font size, and color selection, AI can assist in formatting.

To make it more personalized, you can later add images and graphics. However, AI for presentation design can add transitions and sounds between slides for impactful storytelling presentations.

Part 2: Unleash Your Creativity with the Best AI Presentations Maker

The launch of AI presentation makers has replaced the typical process of making presentations. After this invention, relevant tools, each more innovative than the other, were seen. Each of these AIs for making presentations had specifications to make them unique. Wondershare Presentory is one of them. It allows you to create or record video presentation that speaks for themselves.

Being an AI-driven tool, this presentation maker is ideal for education and business presentations. It allows you to record or streamline videos with its dynamic and stunning assets. Apart from these, you can beautify your face, add AR effects, and insert stickers, texts, or backgrounds. For more customization, you can import content of your choice and insert it into your presentations.

Key Features

There is no doubt that this AI for presentation is suitable for making projects to present on diverse platforms. Hence, below are some unique features discussed in detail to understand its functioning:

1. AI Generated Content

Suppose you are running short on time and need help figuring out where to start. In such cases, this AI for making PPT is here to assist. By entering the title or topic of your presentation, you can get a presentation outline in seconds. Moreover, it allows you to review the generated content to move further. Now, there is no need to worry about meeting deadlines when it can boost your creativity.

2. Stunning Templates with Polished Designs

There is no need to create presentations from scratch, as this tool offers built-in templates. It enables the change of backgrounds from conference rooms to cityscapes and more. You can also rearrange elements and add transitions or animations. Additionally, you can change the presentation layout that best suits your screen.

3. Present Like a Pro

Presentory enables you to present like a professional by following simple steps. It lets you record a presentation or stream it on any popular platform with just one click. Moreover, this presentation maker can change or remove the background with its AI-supported technology. In addition, the integration of Teleprompter helps you read a script without getting caught by the camera.  

4. Cloud Services

Presentory holds a cloud service for collaborative work, which enables users to have a secure experience. You can share projects with your teammates and enhance collaboration. It enables you to edit your project anytime on any device using one single premium account. However, cloud service allows you to share and work with the team efficiently.

How to Create Presentation on Presentory with Step-by-Step Instructions

In this guide, we have already discussed AI for presentation designs. Plus, some features of Presentory make projects unique. Now, let's explore how to use Presentory step by step to make presentations:

Step1Set up Presentory and Create with AI

After downloading Wondershare Presentory from the official site, double-click to access it. This will take you to the tool's main interface. There, click on the "Create with AI," option to head to the "Presentory AI" window for writing the topic.

tap on create with ai
Step2Enter the Topic to Get an Outline of the Presentation

In the next step, enter the topic of your presentation in the place of “Type a Topic Here.” Then, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. It will now automatically generate an outline for your review. Afterward, press the "Continue" button to proceed to choosing a title.

press the continue button
Step3Select the Theme and Edit the Presentation Slides

Next, there will be four options for templates. Select a template that best suits you and click on it. After that, another window will be opened that contains outlined presentation slides. You can add “Contents,” “Transitions,” “Animations,” and “Resource” as needed.

choose the relevant presentation style
Step4Save and Export the File to Your Device

After creating a presentation, go to the top bar and click on the "Project" option at the top-left corner. In the drop-down menu, choose the "Save Project As" option to export your presentation to the desired location on the device.

tap on save project as option


In conclusion, AI-powered tools have revolutionized typical ways of making presentations. You can get automatic scripts, optimized content, and visual aids for viewers' attention. In our opinion, AI for presentation-making can save time, cost, and labor. Moreover, Presentory is the latest among these to generate graphical presentations. It has AI built-in and rich features that make it a top-notch presentation maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which AI tool should I use for my presentation?
    To create a professional-looking presentation, Wondershare Presentory is the best option. Whether you are from a marketing background, educational background, or any other, Presentory easily creates an engaging presentation for anyone.
  • 2. How can I create a PPT using AI?
    For making AI PowerPoint presentations, Wondershare Presentory can assist you. You can simply download Presentory and start creating a presentation. Next, import your PowerPoint presentation slides and start editing as per requirements.
  • 3. What is the best free AI slide creator?
    Wondershare Presentory is the top-rated AI slide creator. This tool is free to download and offers a very easy-to-use interface. You can create free AI-powered slide presentations and share them with the audience.
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