Keynote templates are predesigned layouts and themes for presentations. They serve as foundations for organized and visually appealing presentations. For diverse users’ needs, Keynote templates provide specially designed multimedia elements. Well-designed templates boost your company’s branding and capture the audience’s attention.

Professionally designed templates are highly valuable as they save your time and effort. With placeholders in templates, users get guidance for structured layouts and reduce errors. Keynote templates offer versatility for business, education, or other presentation niches. So, this article will cover the 10 best sites for Keynote presentation templates.

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Part 1. What is Keynote?

Apple users might be aware of the Keynote in Apple’s iWork productivity suite. It is a presentation software application for Apple devices. Primarily, Keynote is known for its user-friendly interface and multimedia resources. By using them, you can apply cinematic effects in the slides to keep listeners intact.

For professional presentations, it offers instant Keynote themes from over 40 designs. Besides, users can perform their page-by-page customization and insert image backgrounds. To bring life to the presentation, it provides more than 100 transitions and effects.  

Key Features of Keynote

  • Custom Themes and Elements: Users can edit themes using Keynote after getting templates. It saves projects on iCloud, which assists in editing content on other Apple devices. Besides, users can edit text placeholders, shapes, and graphics as required in slides. In Keynote, you can change slide backgrounds and custom color elements.
  • Shapes and Charts Library: Display your data through keynote charts of columns to donuts. Keynote offers an audio representation of charts using voiceovers on iOS and iPad. From over 700 shapes, you can choose any colors and types of shapes from the keynote library.
  • Dark Mode and Reading Mode: Working late at night on screen might cause eye strain. Addressing this concern, Keynote enables dark mode for users. This way, users can also emphasize their content while presenting. Plus, reading mode offers zoom-in and zoom-out options to feasibly read templates.
  • Collaboration and Export: Keynote provides you with an option to share links for online presentations. To export video presentations or animated GIFs, it produces links to share. For collaboration with teammates, edit templates offline and later update on iCloud.

Part 2. Best 10 Keynote Templates Sites

Keynote serves as a cornerstone to set the stage for making presentations. Instead of starting from scratch, use keynote templates for a top-notch presentation. Many websites offer such templates to open a gateway of boundless creativity. In the following section, let’s explore the best 10 Keynote presentation templates.

1. Monster One

As the name suggests, Monster One is an all-in-one solution for presentation templates. It contains templates for WordPress, presentations, videos, and HTML. This site offers over 23k templates for presentations and 322k+ web templates. Users can access trending, newest, or undiscovered templates for unique content.

This site extends to Pinterest for adding pictures and other elements. The templates can be used in various sectors, such as education and digital marketing. It allows further customization of changing color, size, and images.

monster one keynote templates

2. Slide Members

People try to have fun on different occasions by doing various activities. This site offers 17 seasoned templates to enjoy every event through impressive presentations. Also, there are 988 high-quality designs with an option for personalization. Most presentation Apple Keynote templates available on the site can be downloaded in a 16:9 aspect ratio for Keynote.

The available categories involve pitch decks, finance, business, lifestyle, and more. Before editing the templates, it provides a color-changing option for the slides. You can mold the size of templates in different ratios to fit your screen aspects.

slide members keynote templates

3. Template.Net

This site gives a clear-cut layout and elegant design with a minimalistic approach. Anyone can use these templates for business start-ups or company projects. Besides, it offers infographics such as timelines, mind maps, charts, etc. Apart from downloading it for Keynote, you can also export the templates in PDF, PPT, and Google Slides.

Those Keynote templates have different themes and a variety of background colors. To make the slides presentable, you can change the alignment of elements, color, and size online.

templates net keynote template

4. Hi Slide

Presenters can go for the option of Hi Slide to have the latest and modern keynote templates. They have designed the best, unique, and exclusive templates. You can pick templates based on what’s popular and the newest designs. To narrow down your template choices, users can also use filters of style and colors.

Moreover, you can showcase your portfolio or integrate aesthetics into slides with specialized themes. On the site, the mockup template is salient for giving a realistic touch. There are infographic templates available for breaking complex information into linear processes.

hi slide keynote template

5. Graphicriver

This Keynote presentation template site offers 11k above templates for all users. It gives access to different file formats and compatibility with other software. To get the desired template, you have to insert a prompt in tags and file format. Also, you can review the ratings to evaluate template visibility in the market.

While keeping the site, you get options for adding graphics, vectors, icons, and logos in slides. The font can also be customized for various purposes, including cool, script, and more. Presenters can also add their desired images, videos, and shapes in keynote templates.

graphicriver keynote template

6. Envato Elements

Being a marketing manager, convey the idea of your product using attractive templates. This website provides top-notch keynote templates to express the significance of your product. It offers an extensive collection of well-structured template designs with customization options. Presenters can add images, infographics, sound effects, and music to their slides.

Furthermore, there are tutorials on how to customize templates as per your needs. Apple users can choose from colorful to minimalistic designs for presentation. This site also provides a collection folder for bunch downloading of saved designs. 

envatoelements keynote template

7. Canva

If a business wants to promote its brand across platforms, explore this site. This website offers keynote themes to showcase your company’s branding. Besides, there are flyers, brochures, posters, and social media post templates. Also, it provides professional template designs with intuitive interface options.

Users can also access their extensive set of typography, layout, and visual elements. This helps them get templates with different fonts, shapes, and placeholders for text and graphs. Its latest feature, Magic Write, can help you convey a captivating message. These templates can be downloaded in PDF, keynote PNG, PPT, and MP4 video format.

canva keynote template

8. TemplateMonster

For various professional categories, this site can provide hundreds of keynote templates. It offers templates for education, fashion, business, and real estate needs. Presenters can optimize their presentation with its extended menu and design options. Users can insert fonts, images, layouts, and graphics and perform fine-tuning later.

It also provides a demo content import tool where you can generate visual content. After choosing a template, you can share the template link on social media platforms. This site contains written features under each template for the right selection.

template monster keynote template

9. Visme

Educators can convey facts and key points using this site for keynote templates. Explore this site's vast range of graphics, icons, and animation to fit your presentation. It has flexible and unique designs with great accessibility to all your devices.

There are a variety of infographics, reports, charts, brochures, and video templates. Also, users can share and collaborate online through using this site. These templates are compatible to download in Keynote, PDF, PPTX, and JPG formats.

visme keynote template

10. Dribbble

This site provides you with inspiring, illustrative, and artistic-looking templates. Customize those templates with various styles, animation, typography, and graphics. Apart from getting designs, you can hire talent to pay and get prepared presentations. It offers a collection folder so people can save and download their designs later.

Moreover, users can share their selected template on social media platforms through links. After choosing the template, there is a brief description of download compatibility. Plus, there is also a separate section for inspirational Apple Keynote templates.

dribble keynote template

Bonus Tips: The Best Alternative to Keynote – Wondershare Presentory

Many students or other presenters haven’t access to Apple devices for presentations. In such cases, they search for other platforms for stunning presentations. Considering their needs, Wondershare Presentory is an alternative AI platform for presentations. This innovative AI software offers powerful presentation-making and enhancing features.

For creating instant projects, you can get this AI platform for Windows or try it online. Using this AI alternative gives users an option to live-stream their presentations globally. Moreover, with cloud storage service, your projects remain auto-saved and secure.

Key Features That Make Presentory Special

  1. AIGC: Have you imagined keynote template alternatives can give auto-generated content, too? This AI tool provides AI-generated presentation content for many information-sharing purposes. Users must insert a topic and a few extra details for accurate outlines. Then, they can review generated content and choose a template design to insert it.
  2. Stunning Templates: This AI software offers built-in template design better than Keynote. It offers complete editing options to relocate objects and text as needed. The 3D-looking templates contain placeholders for text, videos, images, and icons. Despite that, users can import their PowerPoint presentations and further enhance them.
  3. Rich Resources: After importing presentations in this AI tool, add resources to elevate them. You can insert stickers and texts in slides from the rich multimedia options. It allows you to insert virtual slide backgrounds from a variety of options. Also, users can apply animations and transition effects for a professional project look.
  4. Streaming and Recording: Connect with popular streaming platforms and present online. This AI tool offers live streaming on Google Meets, Zoom, and many other platforms. Plus, users can record their presentations and later share links to get instant feedback. While streaming or recording, apply beautification effects on your face to present confidently.
  5. Teleprompter: Read your script on the go and speak without forgetting any point. Using the teleprompter feature, insert your content in the relevant pan. Then, users can change font size and color according to their readability. Afterward, set the text on play for automatic scrolling while presenting. Also, you can change the teleprompter section anywhere on the screen.

How to Create and Stream Presentation Using Presentory

As discussed, you can make the best use of the impactful features of this AI alternative on Keynote templates. Now, let us show you how to use this AI software in creating and streaming presentations.

step1Access this Tool and Explore Create with AI

After downloading Presentory, double-click on the app and enter its main interface. Explore the “Create with AI” tab and press on it. Here, you will be prompted to the "Presentory AI" window.

explore presentory ai
step2Get AI-generated Content and Enter it in Slides

In the "Presentory AI" window, select your niche from the given sections. Next, enter your presentation topic in the displayed search bar and hit the "Send" option. Read and review the generated content and hit "Continue" to choose template themes. From multiple options, select one and click on “Generate” to get content in slides.

explore and generate topic
step3 Customize your Presentation using Resources and Animations

Later, wait a while and press "OK," adding slide content. Customize your slides by using "Resources" from the top bar. Click on any slide background for virtual backgrounds and hit the "Apply" option. To add animations, tap any object and head to the "Animation" at the top-right side. There, press any animation effect and check the preview on the slides.

select resources and animation
step4Stream Presentation using Google Meets Platform

After creating the presentation, head to the "Stream" option at the bottom bar and click on it. Afterward, hit the "Start Streaming" option in the pop-up menu. Now, go to your streaming platform, for instance, "Google Meet," and start your meeting.

Change the camera settings to “Presentory Virtual Camera” from the drop-down list across Google Meet and start streaming the presentation.

stream presentation to other platform


In summary, keynote templates enable users to enhance their credibility with consistent designs. So, we have highlighted key features of Apple's keynote presentation software. Also, you have explored the 10 best template sites by reading this article. You can get keynote slides using those sites, but only Apple device users can avail of them.

However, consider using Wondershare Presentory as an alternative for Windows users. This AI presentation maker offers built-in template designs and other media resources. Besides, it offers live streaming at popular platforms with a fly script reading option. All-in-all, this AI platform gives exceptional features compared to using keynote template sites.

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