Christmas is a blessed holiday across the globe to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It's a time to celebrate joy and spread kindness with friends and family. These holidays build an emotional connection and visual storytelling nostalgia. Christmas presentations play a key role in providing insight into this day and organizing workplace events.

For this purpose, it is preferred to use pre-designed Christmas PowerPoint templates. They contain graphics and elements that are specially designed for the holiday season. The visual elements in the template ensure consistency with festive colors and fonts. We have listed down Christmas slide templates and other sites for elements.

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  3. Top 3 Sites for Getting Christmas Elements and Images
  4. Bonus Tip: The Secret Tool You Should Use to Create Your Christmas Presentation

Part 1. The Power of Visuals in Christmas Presentations

A Christmas presentation might provide you with proper directions if you are hosting a party. Following this, visuals such as twinkling lights and icons set a festive ambiance. Visuals can set deep emotional connections to make the event memorable.

While decorating homes, holiday colors and symbols play a vital role in shaping perceptions. Red is dominant and symbolizes the heart and Santa Claus’ dress. Green represents growth, blue represents calmness, and golden shows success. Moreover, the decorations' lights and candles symbolize hope and guidance for the future.

The need to adopt the visuals at Christmas parties is equally important for presentations. When designing Christmas slides, it is important that you take up the right color format. Using Christmas-themed colors helps you engage the audience according to their taste.

Part 2. Best 7 Sites for Christmas PowerPoint Templates

An appealing presentation enhances the overall experience of the audience and the presenter. Whether presenting at business meetings or in holiday gatherings, it keeps the audience engaged. People can showcase products of holiday context or discuss their traditions through presentations. That's why we have outlined the top 10 sites that offer Christmas PPT templates.

1. Slidesgo

People tend to indulge in different activities and games for a fun Christmas night. This website of templates can provide a fun Christmas night with family. It offers PowerPoint and Google Slides templates from a variety of niches. They provide templates to choose from trending searches and the latest themes.

Anyone can select color and style filters to specify their template search further. Moreover, there are infographic templates for charts, processes, diagrams, and tables. The website contains templates for Christmas recipes, decorations, and fun family holidays.

slidesgo christmas powerpoint templates

2. Canva

Spend time with family and enjoy a good dinner while having a presentation onboard. Canva can provide templates for posters, business flyers, social media posts, and presentations. It offers cloud storage service and teammate collaboration on projects. Users can start designing their projects from scratch by using this site.

There are options to choose templates from infographics, graphs, Doc, and presentation tabs. After reaching out to the presentation templates section, browse across 41,929 Christmas templates. Apply filters from color, theme, style, format, and option for a targeted search. It allows downloading in PDF, PPT, JPG, PNG, and MP4 video formats.

canva christmas powerpoint templates

3. SlideBazaar

Never get stuck on a blank slide again because this site offers Christmas PowerPoint templates. There are PowerPoint diagrams, shapes, tables, charts, and other infographic templates. Find them from the featured collection or enter your topic keyword in the search bar of SlideBazaar. After choosing a Christmas template, you can read out the description for clarity about it.

Plus, you will find the supported version and aspect ratio details there. From festive templates, there are mostly red and blue-themed templates. This site allows users to download the templates in PowerPoint and Keynote formats.

slidebazaar christmas powerpoint templates

4. SlidesCarnival

To get creative or corporate-level Christmas PowerPoint templates, use this website. It holds featured templates, business, marketing, education, and top themes templates. For accurate search results, select the style and color of desired themed templates. Besides, you can head to the search bar and prompt a keyword to get Christmas templates.

In those templates, users can add any type of content and clarify concepts with visuals. The slides contain socks, Christmas trees, snowmen, and twinkle lights. SlidesCarnival provides detailed information about the templates on the website just below every template.

slidescarnival christmas powerpoint templates

5. Just Free Slide

This website offers slide templates in Keynote, Google Slide, and PowerPoint formats. They range from business to minimal, dark-themed, and modern design templates. Moreover, you can select infographics of the funnel, brain steps, mockups, and maps. Also, users can get fishbone, timeline, and SWOT infographics for presentation.

On this site, designers can also submit their work and boost their portfolio reach. From Christmas templates, there are 13 handpicked Christmas slides. These templates are themed in red, blue, golden, and green colors. Templates hold a brief description of compatibility and a slide count under them.

just free slide christmas powerpoint templates

6. SlidesMania

SlidesMania is considered the best teaching and learning tool for people of any sphere. It offers templates from popular, educational, creative, and multi-purpose options. Moreover, you can select minimal, professional, aesthetic, and other styles for template design. Apart from that, people can browse by keyword prompt.

From the Christmas template, this site offers animated slide designs. It allows downloading in PowerPoint and Google Slides format. Before downloading, users can preview all slides with an auto-play option there. Templates also provide extra icons to extend and customize the slides later.

slidesmania christmas powerpoint templates

7. Slide Hunter

This website is known for detailed infographic templates. The popular searches of this site include roadmap, timelines, process, and SWOT templates. To get Christmas PowerPoint templates, you have to search through using keywords. Afterward, there will appear a wide range of Christmas-themed template designs.

Those templates are designed using Christmas-themed elements and colors. After choosing a template, the user can download it in a ZIP file. The template offers a widescreen ratio that suits perfectly with modern TV screens. The downloaded files are compatible with PowerPoint format only.

slidehunter christmas powerpoint templates

Part 3. Top 3 Sites for Getting Christmas Elements and Images

Decorating the party is easy when we understand the psychology behind festive colors. Those colors and symbols not only visualize concepts but also throw cultural messages. So, it's important to use Christmas elements in the presentation that show tradition in slides. We have enlisted a few websites to get Christmas images and elements.

1. Freepik

This website offers photos, vectors, images, icons, and videos from trending categories. Their assets library gets daily updates and holds high-quality stocks. Get Christmas elements like images, icons, and many more by inserting desired filters. There are over 90k Christmas elements in various types of formats.

This website asks for attribution if you use the elements for commercial purposes. After choosing the required elements, you can like them or add them to your collection. It allows users to browse elements by applying filters like image orientation, color, and styles.

freepik christmas powerpoint elements


Designers can get transparent stickers of topics in PNG format across PNG EGG. This site offers Christmas-related stickers like Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and gifts. After choosing one, users can resize the length and width of the PNG file. You can also search elements by defining length and width in the site’s search bar.

The elements will display image type, dimension, and file size below them. Users can also get elements and upload their created PNG at the site. For this purpose, the PNG must contain a transparent background and a certain file size.

png egg christmas powerpoint elements

3. Pixabay

Pixabay offers GIFs, sound effects, vectors, illustrations, and images on its website. It holds over 200 Christmas elements, including candles, bells, trees, and gifts. There are various Christmas background images, cards, and Santa Claus. After choosing the elements, users can download different file sizes in PNG format. 

Additionally, they can edit the element using the Canva website icon. The uploaded designs can be liked, commented on, and saved to the collection on the site. Also, you can browse elements through color, orientation, and publish date filters.

pixabay christmas powerpoint elements

Bonus Tip: The Secret Tool You Should Use to Create Your Christmas Presentation

Presentations are a source of expressing gratitude and conveying messages at Christmas. They are also used to revive the past, spreading cultural awareness, and in charity events. No matter for what purpose they are used, an attractive presentation can steal the show. In this regard, you must try Wondershare Presentory to make a stunning presentation.

It is an innovative AI presentation maker that provides Christmas PowerPoint templates. To make your holidays successful, this AI tool offers a variety of powerful features. Users can enhance their presentation by importing their media into this application. However, you can create professional-grade presentations with the help of simple prompts.

presentory christmas powerpoint elements

Key Features

  1. Appealing Templates: Many built-in template designs attract at first glance. To make Christmas presentations, it offers 3D-looking, stunning templates. Users can edit and customize the templates as needed. Despite that, you can import PPT and further enhance by using resources of this AI tool.
  2. Rich Resources: Make your presentation visually attractive with 200+ resources. This AI software offers stickers, popular text styles, and slide backgrounds. Choose food, animal, social media, and emoji stickers from the stickers section. It allows users to resize and move the elements anywhere in slides.
  3. AI-generated Content: Still wondering about fun activities for Christmas night? With this AI tool, get presentation outlines with AI-generated content features. It will create a presentation outline for ideas so you can search further easily. After getting the content, make refinements and insert the content in slides.
  4. Stream Online or Record: Share the festive joy with your loved ones across the globe. With this AI tool, record videos or present them online on popular platforms. It lets users live stream on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. While streaming, they can apply makeup and remove blemishes from their face.
  5. Teleprompter: Skipping something important during a presentation might be humiliating. There is a teleprompter feature in this AI software. Presenters can insert their keynotes or scripts there and play while presenting. It also enables them to change font color and size of text as per readability. Also, they can move the teleprompter pan anywhere on the screen.

In summary, celebrate, reflect, or educate people through Christmas presentations. They can embrace the holiday spirit filled with emotional connections. To visualize concepts, we have discussed a few sites for Christmas PowerPoint templates. Also, we have enlisted sites for Christmas elements to boost the festive season.

What if you get all the necessary presentation-making stuff on one platform? Use Wondershare Presentory to get templates, elements, and more in one AI tool. Even users can change their slide backgrounds from a variety of resources. Also, they can insert transitions and animation effects into their presentations. This way, your presentation can make the Christmas holidays full of joy and success.

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