Whether it is formal communication or information-sharing, presentations are part of our daily lives. To that end, PowerPoint presentations give information an organized and professional look. Well-designed and eye-catching templates capture the audience's attention at once. For chemistry-related presentations, maintaining the crowd's interest is challenging.

Chemistry is a complex subject that involves structures, charts, and diagrams. Well-labeled flowcharts and PowerPoint 3D models can break down concepts into simpler forms. To incorporate them, one must use chemistry-themed 3D models for PowerPoint. This article will highlight 10+ websites for chemistry-themed presentation icons and templates.

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  3. Bonus Tips: Enhance your Chemistry Presentation with Presentory

Part I. Top 7 Free Chemistry PowerPoint Templates Sites

Well-designed 3D models for PowerPoint convey professionalism and enhance the credibility of presentations. Templates ensure consistent designs that give an overall organized look to the slides. By using chemistry PowerPoint templates, users get a wide range of visual elements. Thus, we have listed down some websites that contain chemistry PowerPoint templates.

1. Aldehyde & Ketones PowerPoint Template

Make a chemistry presentation on Aldehydes and Ketones that includes nomenclature. This template gives detailed information by displaying test tubes and funnel 3D models. From this website, users can download templates in Google Slide and PowerPoint formats. The main features of this template include a title page with a catchy chemistry-themed background.

Another feature contains differential slides to write the pros and cons of any product. In addition, there are tables, icons, maps, and timelines in the template. Users can find the instructions and the credits from the last slides in the template.

aldehyde ketone chemistry template

2. Biochemistry, Biomolecules and Cells Presentation Template

Unlock the secrets of life by studying the cells that make every living being. Biochemistry can help to study chemical processes in living organisms. You can make things interesting by downloading this template in PowerPoint or Google Slides format. Slides contain blue backgrounds with 3D waves and hexagonal shapes all over the template. A total of 35 slides in the template are completely editable.

Moreover, this template holds many tables, maps, bar charts, and some planned activities. To impress the audience, users can add a picture that speaks a thousand words in it. In the ending slides, there are over 500 icons and extensions to customize the slides as required.

biochemistry biomolecules chemistry template

3. Chemistry Educational Presentation

For educational presentations on environmental science like chemistry, this template is designed. Slides offer animated characters, videos, and graphics that fascinate audiences of all ages. This template can be used to create awareness and clarify complex concepts. The main slides contain almost all chemistry-related apparatus showing a chemical process.

There is a slide holding a molecular shape diagram in which we can write text and illustrate a concept. In addition, icons of test tubes, boiling flasks, and other molecular shapes are present in the slides.

chemistry educational presentation template

4. Chemistry Presentation Slides

The scientific study of matter, its composition, properties, and interaction is known as chemistry. This template offers an overview of chemistry, including chemical reactions. Chemistry key concepts and laboratory techniques are highlighted through visuals in the slides. It is a dark, blue-themed template available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats.

Users can customize the solution's color in the test tubes and other flasks. Ending slides of the template offer a variety of icons and shapes, editing information in them. Furthermore, terms for free and premium users are also explained in the last slides of the template.

chemistry presentation slides template

5. Formal Linear Chemistry Lesson Theme Template

Linear chemistry refers to the linear chemical structure of the molecule that appears straight. This presentation template is primarily designed to display complex information and statistics. It is a cream-color-themed template and consists of 25 slides in the template. Many infographics in the slides can display statistical data, graphs, and numbers.

Additionally, the template holds two PowerPoint 3D models of human beings. From those animated models, one is a girl in a white lab coat, and the other is a boy reading a book. The template was designed for commercial use and holds customizable beakers and flasks in the slides.

linear chemistry template

6. Chemistry for High School Presentation Template

Mostly, in high schools, chemistry is a compulsory subject to study. Therefore, presentation templates are often required for the curriculum in chemistry subject. This template is designed according to chemistry at the high school level. It offers a periodic table and organic chemistry diagram to insert text into the slides. Presenters can download templates in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote formats.

Primarily, it's a crème-colored template of 10 editable slides. In the first slide, almost all types of chemistry laboratory apparatus are available as 3D models PowerPoint. One of the slides shows concepts of chemical reactions displayed in the form of circle icons. Moreover, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and chemistry practicals are also explained through slide illustrations.

chemistry for high school template

7. ALFA – Chemistry Education Presentation

With vibrant colors and professional-looking typography, this template is designed. It consists of high-quality graphics, stunning background, and all chemistry-related elements. There are a total number of 30 slides and 36 characters in the template. This pink-themed template offers a periodic table, chemistry experiments, and equations to get added to it.

Students, professors, and other chemistry professionals can use this template to save time. Despite the chemistry-related elements, there are also animated 3D models for PowerPoint in the slides.

alfa chemistry education presentation

Part 2. 5 Free Sites to Get Chemistry Icons and Illustration

Icons and illustrations help to convey complex information in a visual format. In chemistry, chemical reactions, structures, and formulas are displayed through illustrations. Icons are used to represent labeling and symbolizing certain chemical products. So, let's discover some website that provides chemistry icons and illustrations for presentations. 

1. Freepik Chemistry Icons

Freepik is a website that offers backgrounds, posters, videos, fonts, and many more. As same as there are a variety of icons and illustrations available there. On the website, users can get over 25K icons and over 110K chemistry-related pictures. Chemistry-related icons can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats. In contrast, the pictures are available in JPG format for presentations.

Chemistry-related PSD (Photoshop Document) files on this site are available in PSD and JPG formats. Also, one can get over 62k chemistry vectors in EPS and JPG formats.

chemistry icons in freepik

2. Flaticon Chemistry Icons

Flaticon holds interface icons, stickers, and animated icons by designers. It offers over 58K chemistry icons that can be downloaded in SVG and PNG formats. In addition, users can search icons by adding filters of colors and shapes. There are over 100 chemistry stickers available in PNG format for free. Users have to attribute the author for using free chemistry stickers.

Animated icons can be downloaded in AEP, JSON, SVG, EPS, and PSD formats from this site. Also, there are interface icons of different strokes and lines in various formats.

chemistry icons in flaticon

3. Icons8 Chemistry Icons

Made by the best icon designers, this website offers over 45 diverse styles of icons. Icons8 holds over 1M icons, graphics, illustrations, and more. Users can edit the chemistry icons before downloading them. Icons can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, PDF, and Favicon formats. Moreover, the size of PNG format icons can be selected from many options.

Icons can be found by using filters like decorative, outlined, colored, 3D, and handwritten. You can edit icons' color, position, stroke, and text before downloading.

chemistry icon in icons8

4. IconScout Chemistry Icons

This website offers free and premium icons, illustrations, and other assets. There are over 30,000 chemistry icons, including glyph, isometric, rounded, and dual-tone designs. These icons can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, PDF, ICO, ICNS, and EPS formats. Moreover, this website offers chemistry Lottie illustrations and 3D animations.

Download these icons and use them in MS PowerPoint, Canva, or other platforms. Filter chemistry icons from flasks icons, lab icons, and many other options to get easy access to them.

chemistry icon in iconscout

5. Noun Project Chemistry Icons

Browse chemistry icons and photos from over 5 million icons on this website. Almost 12K above chemistry-themed icons and 96 pictures are available on the site. Customize icons before downloading them, and change their colors and icon backgrounds. Also, you can change the icons' shape into circle, square, and ring form. 

These chemistry icons can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats for free. Users must attribute the authors in their work to insert icons in a presentation.

chemistry icons noun project

Bonus Tips: Enhance your Chemistry Presentation with Presentory

To create a perfect Chemistry presentation with the help of dynamic AI, try using Wondershare Presentory. This AI presentation maker is designed to provide presentations to all ages and professions. Using its unique operatives, resources, and elements, design chemistry-themed presentations instantly. You can also add transitions and animations to your PowerPoint 3D models.

Key Features Of Presentory

As described above, Presentory creates dynamic presentations for a diverse audience. Let’s explore its key functions to better understand the effectiveness of this tool. In this regard, read further and get a detailed overview of how AI helps in making presentations:

  1. Stunning Templates and Designs: For audiences of all niches, this AI tool contains polished designs of templates. There are 4 stunning themes of templates, including Futuristic, Pearl, Sunrise, and Prism. They are completely editable and allow rearranging elements as needed. After selecting desired templates, users can change slide backgrounds from various resources.
  2. Variety of Resources in Library: Presentory contains rich library resources, including backgrounds, stickers, and texts. Users can select classic indoor, cartoon, and solid color backgrounds from resource backgrounds. Moreover, there are backgrounds of meeting rooms, Supermarkets, and many others as required.
  3. Teleprompter: We may forget important chemistry formulas during the presentation due to nervousness. For the solution, there is a teleprompter feature in this AI tool. Users can write and read the key points from there without getting caught by cameras.
  4. Video Presentation Recording and Streaming: Despite typically presenting through slides, this AI tool allows you to stream on popular platforms. Users can record video presentations along with their slide content. In the video, you can apply makeup and remove blemishes from your face. Moreover, it allows you to adjust brightness and enhance facial features.
  5. AI-Generated Content: Now, there is no need to spend hours researching the presentation's content. This AI software contains built-in AI content-generating features. It lets users get structured and accurate content with a topic prompt. After finalizing the content, it gets added to the slides sparingly with just one click.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Presentory and Create Presentations

It is proven that this AI tool holds powerful features to create an impactful presentation. So, let’s create a Chemistry-themed presentation by using the simple steps below:

step1Launch Presentory and Explore

Open Wondershare Presentory on your desktop and look for the "Create with AI" button on their main interface.

select create with ai option
step2Type Your Topic and Get AI-Generated Content

You will navigate to a new window showing the basic presentation canvas. However, another window opens alongside it where we can provide the topic for the presentation. Select "Other" in the category and provide a presentation topic to generate.

The AI-powered tool provides a dedicated outline for the presentation that can be generated. If satisfied, click "Continue" to select the theme for the presentation. Select any template according to the topic area and click "Generate" to continue creating a PowerPoint presentation.

generate content and select theme
step3Discover Resources and Insert Stickers from Education and Annotations

The AI-powered system generates a presentation and displays the result on the main window. While you find the presentation, head to the “Resource” tab from the top toolbar. You can find the "Sticker" section, where you should navigate to the "Education" tab. Use any appropriate sticker and click "Apply" to add it to your presentation.

select chemistry icon from stickers
step4Finalize your Project and Export to the Desired Place in System

Lastly, drag and customize the places of those stickers on the desired place in the slides. After arranging and finalizing, head to the top toolbar and press the "Project" option. From the drop-down menu, select "Save Project As" and select the desired location to save the file in the system. Next, press the “Save” option, and your file will be saved in your selected place in the system.

save your project to your device

To sum up, Chemistry is a complex subject that requires templates to simplify the concepts. Presenters must add relevant graphical elements to the slides. By incorporating such elements, viewers can understand the concepts better. In this regard, we have searched for the best chemistry templates that suit your needs.

You can use Wondershare Presentory to create effective chemistry-themed presentations. This AI tool offers stunning templates and rich elements from resources. Users can get all the needed visual aids for slides on one platform by using this AI software. PowerPoint 3D models in this tool make presentations eye-catching and memorable for audiences of all ages.

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