Birthday parties are the occasions to celebrate life’s experiences. People tend to make memories while hoping for a good future at the same time. For this purpose, use PowerPoint presentations to give the best wishes to your loved ones. Convey any motivational message or add fun to the party using a well-designed birthday PowerPoint.

An attractive template can make your birthday memorable and instantly get guest's attention. Further, by customizing the PowerPoint presentation, match it with a birthday theme to enhance the decoration. This article will show you how to design a perfect birthday PPT. Also, learn about the best sites to get creative templates, icons, and even music.

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  1. How to Design the Perfect Birthday Presentation Template?
  2. The Best 6 Birthday PPT Templates
  3. Top 3 Sites for Eye-Catching Birthday Icons
  4. Best 3 Sites to Download Free Birthday Music
  5. Bonus Tip: Create Unforgettable Birthday Moments with Presentory

Part 1. How to Design the Perfect Birthday Presentation Template?

A template provides a consistent look to the birthday party decorations and slideshow. It reflects the unique personality of people based on the template customization. Templates are the most suitable way to create digital albums as memories. When designing your birthday PowerPoint presentation template, you must keep a view of some reasons:

1. Understand Your Audience

Define a formal, vintage, or colorful party theme to make your presentation charming. Consider the age of guests and identify their hobbies, favorite colors, and personality styles. Also, think about the tone, such as formal or informal, to use in the presentation template.

2. Choose the Right Color Scheme

Selecting the right tone of colors for a birthday party elevates the audience's mood. Pastel colors are preferred for toddlers, where pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. Further, maintain consistency in the color scheme of texts and the elements of slides.

3. Incorporate Visual Elements

For the best birthday PPT, use graphics and elements related to the theme and color of the party. Users can insert backgrounds and images related to the cakes, balloons, and caps. Use animations on balloons and pinatas to make your celebrations more exciting and cheerful.

4. Slide Layouts and Structure

Careful planning and attention to little details make a birthday PowerPoint successful. So, structure your PPT and insert cover slides containing the birth date and celebrant’s name. The layout of slides must include a title, content, pictures, and quotes.

Part 2. The Best 6 Birthday PPT Templates

While planning birthday events, spare some time and customize the birthday PowerPoint template. These templates serve as decorative elements in your event and convey positive messages. Users can get predesigned birthday templates online and add a personal touch by customizing them. For this purpose, we have listed the best 6 birthday PPT templates for your ease.

1. Orange Colorful Cute Birthday Presentation

Orange color is considered a sign of excitement for the parties. This template has an orange theme and balloons on each slide. The template layout includes the celebrant's biography, milestones, and hobbies. Afterward, introduce your friends in the slide and their birthday messages for you. Also, remind them of the dream they want to achieve to keep them motivated.

orange colorful birthday ppt template

2. Birthday Part Infographics

For formal birthday events, this template provides all the necessary infographics for planning. It is a pink-themed aesthetic template available in Google Slides and PPT format. In the initial slides, you can insert lists of essential required things like cakes, drinks, and decorative items.

This template offers to plan party activities and estimate the budget by using tables or charts in the slides. Make birthday teams to play fun games while preparing a whole day's schedule.

birthday infographics ppt template

3. Colorful Fantasy Birthday

The colorful themes of this template gesture toward a baby girl’s birthday party. It contains multi-color unicorns, cakes, clouds, and rainbows to take kids into their dreamland. Users can insert pictures of the celebrant and utilize certain quotes or poems. The slides hold a color pallet of pink, green, and white that convey a feeling of joy.

colorful fantasy birthday ppt template

4. Pink Yellow Pastel Birthday Presentation

This template offers a cute pastel color theme with animated elements in the slides. In the starting slides, users can add their biography information and their pictures. Afterward, highlight the celebrant’s educational or career achievements in the template.

Later, introduce your friends with pictures and their birthday wishes for you. Include the hobbies along with attractive pictures to make their day memorable.

pink yellow pastel birthday ppt template

5. Event Planning Process for Birthdays

To plan a formal or informal birthday, anyone can utilize this template to organize the event. This template offers infographics to plan activities, food dishes, and decorations. You can add a picture of the celebrant's family or friends with a quote in slides.

Further, highlight your company's location by using a map infographic. There are multiple infographics to effectively organize the birthday party. With a boasting number of 56 slides, plan a birthday program and include it in your presentation.

event planning birthday ppt template

6. Team Greeting Happy Birthday Presentation

Teenagers and adults can use this template for sending virtual wishes to celebrants. It consists of 10 slides and is available in PowerPoint format to download. Users can insert their picture in a circle or rectangular form and write messages under it. This template allows complete editing and download in PPT, PDF formats, and others.

team greetings birthday ppt template

Part 3. Top 3 Sites for Eye-Catching Birthday Icons

Reinforce the theme and provide a clear picture of your festive by using birthday icons. These icons can help you evoke nostalgic, happy, and joyful emotions of your guests. Icons are considered a universal language to show a concept regardless of cultural background. That's why we have searched some websites for birthday icons to choose one relevant to your theme.

1. Freepik

This website is well-known for its template customization options. One can use its resources to access images, icons, and various videos. Over 25k birthday-related icons can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats. Users can apply filters of color and style to get their desired icons. This website also offers linear outlines in 3D and colorful birthday-style icons. 

freepik birthday icons

2. Flaticon

Flaticon provides over 11M icons available in many formats to download. Users can select the shape of icons from linear, hand-drawn, and outline options. It also allows you to add the selected icons in the collection option and download them anytime. Besides basic icons, this website offers birthday theme icons, interface icons, and stickers. 

flaticon birthday icons

3. Icons8

By using this site, get colored, gradient, decorative, hand-drawn, and 3D fluency icons. After selecting the right icons, users can edit and personalize them before downloading. It lets you change the background, adjust positions, insert the text, or rotate the icons. Afterwards, users can download in PNG, SVG, PDF, or other formats.

iocns8 birthday ppt icons

Part 4. Best 3 Sites to Download Free Birthday Music           

Birthday parties are occasions of celebration, and music enlightens its entertainment. Sound effects can evoke sentimental emotions associated with delightful memories. Using birthday music in the presentation can deepen the message you are trying to convey. For this purpose, find some sites below that provide free MP3 birthday music for birthday PPT:

1. Chosic

Discover the music of above 6000 genres from this website and download the file in MP3 format. Talking about birthday music, this website offers various soundtracks. It holds popular songs such as "It's Your Birthday!" by Monk Turner and Fascinoma. You can download this 36-second audio or add it to your favorite tracklist.

From the birthday music resource, users can get vocal, instrumental, and happy genre songs. Apart from that, you cannot use this song commercially without artists' attributions.

chosic birthday music downloader

2. Pixabay

This website offers hundreds of royalty-free birthday audios and instrumental tracks. It offers users the chance to select a variety of sounds from different options. These include piano, happy birthday, celebration, positive, and party sections.

Moreover, users can filter music searches according to their mood, movement, and sound duration. After choosing the right music, you can like the track, add it to your collection, or download it instantly.

pixabay birthday music downloader

3. Birthday Song

To download traditional birthday songs, this website offers MP3 audio with detailed descriptions. There is birthday music available in female and male voices for diverse users. You can adjust the playback speed of the music while testing the sound for download. This website offers birthday music for kids and upbeat and rock party songs. 

birthday song downloader

Bonus Tip: Create Unforgettable Birthday Moments with Presentory

Birthdays provide an opportunity to do self-care and connect with friends. In this regard, an engaging birthday presentation aids in emotionally connecting with guests. So, if you want to import your memorable photos into the PPT, use Wondershare Presentory. This innovative AI tool integrates your videos and pictures with the presentation content. 

Apart from that, it allows you to record videos in MP4 format and live stream across platforms. This AI software also offers a variety of stunning templates and designs for birthday PowerPoint. Moreover, it provides rich assets of stickers, text, and backgrounds from its resources.

presentory birthday ppt template

Key Features

  • Eye-Catching PPT Templates: Instead of searching online, get every PPT template on one platform. This AI tool offers various built-in template designs for multi-purpose uses. It offers complete customization options and the freedom to import PPTs, images, icons, and videos.
  • Recording and Streaming Videos: Connect your family and friends in your happy moments, even if they are in another region. With this AI software, users can live stream at Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Moreover, you can add beautification effects while recording or streaming videos. Also, users can change their video layout from circle to square and rectangle.
  • Rich Library Assets: To further polish your presentations, insert stickers and text from the 2000+ resources. Also, add trending text, animation, and transition effects to tap the lively aspects of birthday parties.
  • AI-generated Content: While making a presentation for any topic, get AI-generated content and save research efforts. Users can insert the desired niche and enter their topic to get presentation outlines. This AI software generates detailed content to screen out the required text and insert it into slides.
  • Teleprompter Option: You might forget some birthday speech points in the hustle that can give a negative gesture. As a solution, this AI presentation maker offers a teleprompter to visualize key points. Presenters can adjust the teleprompter anywhere on the screen and present confidently. Also, they can adjust the text size and color as per their readability.

In short, birthday presentations serve as gestures to tie a strong bond with a related person. In this regard, many PowerPoint birthday templates serve fun and emotions. A well-designed PowerPoint contains a planned structure, visual aids, and a good color palate. They can enhance the guests' engagement and cheer up happy occasions.

We have shed light on some sites for birthday icons, music, and templates in this article. Now, let's highlight the all-in-one tool known as Wondershare Presentory. This AI tool offers rich library assets for slide backgrounds and template designs. Furthermore, users can import and polish their presentations using this dynamic software.

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