Food presentations temptingly showcase culinary creations. Food bloggers, chefs, nutritionists, and restaurant owners promote food products through presentations. In this regard, food presentation templates provide attractive and professional communication. Food templates assist in conveying food recipes and processes in a narrative way that becomes memorable.

Moreover, culinary arts and restaurant promotions focus on using appealing food templates. A consistent design of the food presentation template reinforces your brand identity. These pre-designed food templates, icons, and images are available online for users' ease. So, this article will shed light on websites for food PPT templates, icons, and images that attract you.

In this article
  1. The Key to Creating a Good Food Presentation
  2. Top 5 Free Food PowerPoint Templates
  3. Discover 4 Websites Offering Free Food Icons and Images
  4. Bonus Tips: Elevate the Allure of Your Food Presentation

Part 1. The Key to Creating a Good Food Presentation

Users can easily demonstrate delicious meals by creating a good food presentation. To make a successful presentation, combine content and visual aids in a balanced way. An overcrowded food presentation template might distract the audience or might bore them. Considering these opinions, we have stated some key components that you should focus on food presentations:

  1. Visual Appeal: Food presentations combine the art of aesthetics and creativity. So, create contrast in colors and combine different ingredients. Also, garnish herbs and microgreens to elevate the freshness of a dish. Ensure cleanliness in presentation slides and images to give hygienic gestures.
  2. Balance and Harmony: Maintain a balance among content, shapes, elements, and visual aids in slides. It is suggested not to overcrowd or leave extra empty spaces on the slides. Plus, arrange elements to grab attention toward your star dishes easily.
  3. Personal Style: Showcase your creativity and add individual taste to the presentation. So, use your style to explain the narrative behind the dish and build an emotional connection. By connecting with the audience emotionally, your product can grow more among them.
  4. Relevant Materials: Focus on the presentation's purpose and use relevant content. Consider adding utensils, serving bowls, and dish-related colors to your slides. Moreover, try to use related icons and images to clarify concepts better in the presentation.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Food PowerPoint Templates

Appetizing food imagery captivates the audience's attention and attracts them towards your food content. For this purpose, use relevant food PPT templates that make a visual connection. Instead of making a presentation from scratch, use food templates for your related topic. We have listed some websites that offer these templates based on different food niches.

1. Healthy Nutrition Coach Portfolio

For nutritionists and diet planners, this template holds colorful, healthy foods and vegetables. This design enables users to showcase their knowledge and skills creatively. Instead of relying on a traditional portfolio, embrace colors in your profile using this template. As an introduction, users can write their education, experience, and projects in starting slides.

Afterward, they can insert a resume, cover letter, their best work, and previous photos. Presenters can insert a pie chart showing their projects within different areas. At last, there is a slide to illustrate the objectives of future projects with month-wise planning. So, the template is available in PPT and Google Slides format to download.

healthy nutrition portfolio template

2. Local Food PPT Template

This food presentation template contains over 130 icons and editable infographics in the slides. There are 48 slides that can be downloaded in PowerPoint format only. It is designed for academic presentations, business marketing, and other commercial purposes. In the first few slides, users can explain their project timelines and working styles.

Later on, they can mention particular food advantages and benefits to the human body. This template contains many images, infographics, and icons like a fruit trolley or honey jar. Moreover, it holds a pie chart and a map to display essential locations and stats. In the ending slides, multiple adjustable icons extend the slides in the template.

local food ppt templates

3. Cooking School Presentation Template

To teach cooking, this template provides informative slides and layouts. In the initial slides, you can introduce yourself and insert relevant quotes before moving towards actual content. Afterward, define your teaching goals, activities, and evaluations in the presentation. Furthermore, users can describe the teacher’s portfolio along with their pictures.

Plus, users can insert an image that speaks a thousand words to reinforce the concept. In this template, there are maps to visualize the locations of the school’s branches. Also, it allows users to explain their course outline using infographics and numerical data in the slides. So, it offers a total number of 82 slides that contain spoon and fork shapes in the background.

cooking school template

4. Winter Food Black Red Template

Throughout the cold season, winter foods keep us warm, nourished, and energized. This red and black template is designed to display winter food recipes and other food products. It holds 24 slides, which are available to download in PowerPoint and Google Slides format. Throughout this food PPT template, users can insert their branding logo along with the content.

There are bar charts, comparison tables, and other unique SmartArt shapes to explain concepts. This template holds a slide that contains a diagram like the solar system to visualize certain concepts. Presenters can customize it as required, but the food picture in the background of most slides is not adjustable.

winter food black and red template

5. Bakery Dessert and Brand Publicity Template

Desserts enhance the production of our happy hormones in the body. Many meals are considered incomplete without bakery desserts like donuts or pastries. This template is designed for bakery products’ marketing and publicity through presentation. It is a pink-white-themed template with donuts, cherries, pastries, tea, and flowers in slides.

After introducing the topic, there is a slide for a table of contents. The slides offer to explain the desert products along with their pictures in each slide. Also, it offers a slide that holds donuts in 4 different circles to compare certain products or ingredients. Presenters can get these 15 aesthetic slides in PowerPoint and Google Slides format.

bakery desert template

Part 3. Discover 4 Websites Offering Free Food Icons and Images

Apart from using templates, food icons, and images are utilized to provide more clarity. They help to stimulate appetites and maintain a cultural food balance in presentations. Sometimes words are not enough to describe food items, so images give a clear representation there. That’s why we have searched down some websites for you to get icons and images related to food. 

1. Icons8 - Food Icons

Get food icons from this platform that are designed by experienced and creative developers. There are icons from over 45 diverse categories to download from the required section. Users can get decorative, outlined, filled, 3D, hand-drawn, and colored food icons.

After selecting the icon, you can adjust its size, position, and background colors. These food icons can be exported in PNG, PDF, SVG, and other formats. Also, users can adjust the PNG file size to download on their iOS and Android devices.

icons8 food icons

2. Reshot - Food Icons

Reshot offers instant downloads of icons for personal and commercial use. From this website, users can find icons and illustrations in PNG, SVG, and vector formats. To get food icons, it provides various options, from vegetables to fruits, burgers, and soft drinks.

Once you choose your desired icon, it allows you to download or copy the icon in SVG format. Users cannot edit them or customize the size before downloading. Despite that, the icons are free to use publicly with legal copyrights.

reshot food icons

3. Unsplash - Food Icons

From street food to expensive restaurant foods, Unsplash captures the beauty of meals in their icons. This website offers royalty-free photos and images to download in large, medium, small, and original sizes. Before downloading, users are able to see the dimensions, lens, and camera details of the image.

Using this site, you can crop the food icon according to the platforms you want to insert it. Plus, users can add text to the icons and change their filters. Afterward, the food icon can be downloaded in JPG format.

Unsplash food icons

4. Freepik - Food Icons

Freepik provides a variety of assets in different formats that can inspire diverse audiences. It offers photos, images, videos, vectors, and icons. On their website, insert a filter of food icons and get over 22.4k stock assets related to food.

This website allows users to download the icons in SVG format or copy them to their clipboard. After selecting the food icon, there are options to change the icon to a linear, colored, or 3D appearance. From the food images stock, users can also download photos in JPG format in many sizes.

freepik food icons

Bonus Tips: Elevate the Allure of Your Food Presentation

Enhance your presentation and insert visual aids that grab the audience's attention. After choosing the template, polish it and further enhance creativity and professionalism. So, we are introducing you to Wondershare Presentory, an innovative AI presentation maker. Users can import templates into this tool and add a finishing touch through its rich resources.

This AI tool offers a variety of animations, transitions, and 3D elements. Apart from the resources, you can import their PowerPoint, branding elements, and videos. With this AI software, live stream your presentations on popular platforms. Moreover, this tool offers built-in stunning food pyramid templates with an option to change the background of slides.

presentory food presentation template

What are the Major Key Features of Using Wondershare Presentory

Considering your dynamic needs, this AI tool holds a variety of functions, as briefly discussed earlier. To know the detailed features of this powerful AI presentation software, read further.

1. Eye-Catching Designs and Templates

If you want stunning slides with a polished outlook, this AI tool contains built-in templates for you. Users can select slides related to their topic and later customize them as required. Also, they can change slide backgrounds from resources and apply them to all scenes with a single click. You can also import customized images, 3D models, and videos into the slides.  

2. Accurate Presentation Outlines by AI-generated Content  

Instead of wasting hours on research, focus on visual aids that make a presentation memorable. For this purpose, this AI tool offers a built-in AI content generation feature. To get a content outline, select a presentation niche, insert the topic, and write the audience's age. Afterward, you will get a detailed presentation outline to finalize the slides.

3. Rich Media Resources

For food presentation, you can insert food stickers from resources of this AI software. There are over 2000 resources in the media library of this tool. Users can insert trending text, slide backgrounds, and stickers of their choice. Moreover, unique transitions and animation effects can make the food presentation template breathable.

4. Live Stream on Popular Platforms

Despite making presentations, this tool allows you to present on popular platforms. Users are able to live streams at online conferences, meetings, and seminars. With this AI presentation maker, you can virtually connect at platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meets. While streaming or recording a presentation, users can add beautification effects to your face.

5. Teleprompter Option for Flawless Communication

Deliver your scripted content with the teleprompter features of this dynamic AI presentation software. Presenters can use this option to broadcast while maintaining eye contact with the camera. Simply note down food ingredients and key points you fear forgetting in the presentation. Users can adjust the font size or color and locate the teleprompter window pane anywhere on the screen.


In short, culinary arts and food product promotions need eye-catching presentations. For this purpose, presenters use food PPT templates that boost their content engagements. By viewing food icons and images, the audience gets a clear understanding of concepts memorably. Thus, we have discussed some websites for pre-designed templates, images, and icons.

Moreover, create food presentations that are more vibrating by using Wondershare Presentory. This AI tool offers creative designs of templates and library stickers according to the topics. Also, users can import their PPTs and further enhance them through transitions and animation effects. Thus, using this AI software and utilizing its effective features in presentations is recommended.

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