Biology is the core science subject that is necessary in educational systems. The study of biology gives an understanding of living organisms using scientific methods. In educational curriculums, learning-by-doing methods are useful to teach students well. That’s why the roadmap of biology courses includes presentations of students.

To create an excellent presentation, students prefer biology PowerPoint templates. It aids in leveling up their grades and makes the presentation stand out from other fellows. Moreover, using biology icons and other visuals in presentations can boost audience attention. In this article, we will shed light on some websites to get biology PPT templates and icons.   

In this article
  1. How to Design Your Biology Presentation Template?
  2. The 5 Best Sites for Biology Presentation Templates
  3. Top 3 Sites for Biology Icons & Symbols
  4. Bonus Tip: Bring Life to Your Biology Presentations Using Wondershare Presentory

Part 1. How to Design Your Biology Presentation Template?

Presentation designs play a crucial role in conveying scientific information in an effective way. To simplify complex biology concepts, templates are tools for educators and researchers. A well-designed template facilitates transferring biology lessons to a diverse audience. In this regard, we have crafted below some tips for designing a biology presentation.

1. Choose the Right Color Scheme to Evoke Biological Themes

Colors evoke emotions and reinforce the message you are conveying. Utilizing green colors displays shades of nature and organic life on Earth. Also, one can use blue colors as a symbol of water and red color for showing energy. To highlight key points in the content, use bold black or red in the slides.

Furthermore, users must include consistency while using various colors in the slides. Maintaining harmony in color gives a professional look to the biology presentation.

2. Select Appropriate Fonts for Readability

While designing attractive slides, never ignore the readability of your content. You should use readable fonts like Ariel, Sans Serif, Calibri, or Times New Roman in slides. Try to use the same fonts in the template because frequent changes distract the viewers.

Also, ensure that the font size of the slides' body text is readable enough for backbenchers. Users can contrast the slide's background and the text colors to avoid eye-straining. Avoid overcomplicating your content using bold, italics, and underlined font styles.

3. Incorporate Biology-Related Graphics

To help comprehension of biological processes, relevant graphics serve as essentials. In presentation templates, you can use infographics of steps, processes, and cycles. Use graphics to label your diagrams and make information digestible through visuals. In the slides, you might use icons such as DNA strands, cells, or microorganisms.

Afterward, it is important to balance text and graphics in the template. One can use interactive quizzes and clickable animations to promote active learning.

Part 2. The 5 Best Sites for Biology Presentation Templates

Designing a presentation from scratch might be hectic for students who run short of time. Here, using presentation templates related to almost every topic is a good choice. To access the right template, it is important to have access to the best sites. Read further and find a few sites for predesigned biology presentation templates:

1. Slidesgo

Slidesgo provides various PowerPoint and Google Slides format templates in every niche. They allow users to find their desired templates by topic, style, or color filters. Also, it enables users to select a template from popular themes or related tags. Every template on the website holds brief introductions under their layout that aid users in selection.

Talking about biology templates, this site offers 275 biology-themed presentation layouts. Moreover, you can also search for DNA, cells, bacteria, and anatomy-related templates.

slidesgo biology presentation templates

2. Canva

This website offers flyers, posters, social media posts, and presentation templates. It allows onsite editing and collaboration with teammates for preparing projects. Users can share their projects to the desired platform or download them in many formats. You can choose templates from subcategories of education, business, and product design.

Considering biology presentations, there are many animated videos and PowerPoint templates. Users can select by variating the style, school grade, and features to discover their required templates.

canva biology presentation templates

3. Slideegg

If you are looking for PowerPoint and Google Slides format biology slide templates, Slideegg is a great option. Users have to choose their desired color, nodes, and topic-relevant areas for templates. Despite getting templates, it offers paid presentation designing services for professionals. This site is an ideal platform for getting colorful infographic templates.

They offer biology presentations, flyers, and infographic templates in white themes at most. By tapping on a template, you can adjust its format before downloading.

slidesegg biology presentation templates

4. SlidesMania

American Association of School Librarians recognizes this site as the best learning tool. SlidesMania provides educational templates from notebooks to certificates and meeting agendas. Despite that, it offers creative, floral, formal, animated, and minimalist template styles. While looking into its biology templates section, it contains green-themed slides that represent nature.

Furthermore, there are also ocean-themed, earth-themed, and flower-themed templates. You can share the slide’s link on social media or download it in Google Slide or PPT format.

slidesmania biology presentation templates

5. MyFreeSlides

This website offers templates and infographic shapes related to many topics. It allows you to select templates from popular posts or browse through categories. There are biology themes, abstract themes, and other science themes for template designs. The biology theme templates assist in research work or medical sciences presentations.

On this site, users can get PowerPoint and Google Slides format templates. Plus, there are circulatory systems, nervous systems, and many other biology templates.

myfreeslides biology presentation templates

Part 3. Top 3 Sites for Biology Icons & Symbols

For research and public understanding, symbols and icons serve as a universal language. Biology-related icons remove linguistics barriers in learning and present data concisely. There are many symbols and icons used to show species, structures, and organisms. To reduce the need for text, we have explored some sites for biology icons and symbols.

1. The Noun Project

This website contains over 5 million icons related to a variety of topics. They offer featured photographs, textures, and icons of plants, leaves, and Halloween. Also, this site provides over 6k biology-related icons. After choosing the right icon, you can download them in SVG and PNG formats for free. Moreover, there are over 150 biology images that can be freely downloaded in JPG format.

nounproject biology presentation icons

2. Iconduck

With 0.3M+ icons and illustrations, this website provides the latest biology icons. Along with this, there are Amazon, summers, health, coding, and many other icon sections. Users can enter their topic or keyword to find the most relevant icons. This site offers downloading in PNG, SVG, and ZIP file formats. You can like, share, and add to collections of this website’s library folders.

iconduck biology presentation icons

3. Icons8

Icons8 offers over 10k+ large icon packs used by developers and communities. There are many animated icons, GIFs, and after-effects available on this site. From biology icons, you can get colored, filled, outlined, decorative, and hand-drawn icons. Users can edit the icons before downloading and change their background or position.

icons8 biology presentation icons

Bonus Tip: Bring Life to Your Biology Presentations Using Wondershare Presentory

Are you still worried about getting eye-catching slides from a single platform? Let us introduce you to Wondershare Presentory, an AI presentation maker. This AI tool offers stunning biology presentation templates and rich resources of stickers. Apart from that, you can import presentations and enhance them by using its resources.

This AI application offers a presentation livestream option for professionals. Moreover, it can assist in getting presentation content and save time for rehearsal. The cloud storage service of this AI software makes your projects secure from any data loss.

presentory biology presentation templates

Key Features To Keep an Eye On

  1. Polished Templates: There is no need to search sites for desired biology templates. For this purpose, use this AI tool and get stunning templates on one platform. Users can customize their presentation and even rearrange elements in the slides. Besides, it lets you import your PPT, images, and videos into the template.
  2. Library Resources: Enhance your PPT from the rich resources of this AI software. There are many stickers, trending text, and slide backgrounds in the resources. It offers animation effects to add motion to your biology icons like cells. Users can insert transitions to change slides and make the presentation appealing.
  3. AI-Generated Outlines: It helps you focus on presentation delivery and forget worrying about the content. This AI software can generate your presentation outlines with a keyword prompt. From the detailed outlines, users can edit, skip, or insert text as required. Afterward, you must select any design and allow automatic slide content insertion.
  4. Teleprompter Option: Usually, presenters skip some content due to nervousness while presenting. In this regard, this AI tool offers a teleprompter feature to read the script. Users can write important points and move the pan anywhere on the screen. Also, you can change the size and color of the font in the teleprompter.
  5. Live-streaming or Recording: Apart from the typical presentation, connect visually and present anywhere. This AI software enables users to record their presentations with side-by-side slide content. In those videos, add beautification effects like facial feature enhancement and applying makeup. Additionally, users can present live on Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms.


In short, biology presentations are mandatory during students’ college or university duration. To share complex concepts, they use presentation templates. Thus, we have highlighted some tips for designing attractive and appealing biology presentations. Also, this article has some sites to get biology-themed templates, icons, and symbols.

To get all required visual aids in one place, try using Wondershare Presentory. This AI application provides 3D-looking templates to grab the audience's interest instantly. Moreover, it contains various resources for polishing your biology slide template. Considering the powerful features of this tool, use it for multi-purpose uses.

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