Videos in PowerPoint are a versatile source to communicate and engage the audience. They can educate and entertain the viewers while conveying messages. In some situations, enabling the participants to control the playback of videos seems more appropriate. For this purpose, presenters prefer to make video play automatically in PowerPoint.

When a video auto-plays, it gives a professional and well-prepared look to presentations. It is especially important in education and corporate settings. However, this article is all about how to make video presentations interactive. You will learn how to enable PowerPoint to play videos automatically by following the simple steps.

In this article
  1. How To Make Video Presentations More Interactive for Viewers?
  2. How To Embed or Insert Video in PowerPoint?
  3. Discussing The Comprehensive Technique to Make Video Play Automatically in PowerPoint
  4. Bonus Part. Make Presentations More Engaging: Using Wondershare Presentory

Part 1. How To Make Video Presentations More Interactive for Viewers?

Interactive video presentations make decision-making easier in healthcare and business contexts. Viewers are more likely to keep attention, learn, and get a deeper understanding this way. It's vital to make engaging videos that align with the targeted audience's preferences. Thus, you should read the below section to find out how to make an interactive video presentation:

1. Annotation and Overlays

Annotations are graphical elements that are used to provide extra detail for interactivity. In this regard, you can use text annotations, speech bubbles, arrows, and buttons. Overlay are extra layers placed on the top of the video to provide context or information. They might include image overlay, subtitle overlay, maps, and graphics overlays.

Dynamic overlays involve logos, watermarks, live statistics, and translations. Different software can be utilized to add annotation and overlays during video editing.

2. Interactive Elements

Encourage participants to respond and engage with the material rather than watching. To do so, you can add polls, surveys, quizzes, and a clickable table of contents in videos. Another way to inspire the audience is to make PowerPoint start video automatically. Moreover, add branching scenarios in training videos where the audience makes decisions.

For team building, reinforce participants when they answer in video polls. The key to creating an engaging video is to align elements with the purpose of the presentation.

3. AR Effects

AR effects include overlaying images, animation, and information into a live video. These effects are integrated using software that tracks objects and digital content. A few AR effects include 3D models, animations, pop-up filters, and unique face lenses. Ensure that such effects are timed and positioned where required in your videos.

If you aim to educate, entertain, or inform, use aesthetic AR effects. Be creative and design effects that can boost your ideas and entertain simultaneously.

4. Multi-angle Views

Another technique for interactivity is using a multi-angle view. It allows viewers to choose different camera angles and perspectives during the video. Likewise, close-up shots, wide-shot, over-the-shoulder shots, and much more can be captured. It lets your audience switch between angles and focus on the key information.

You can use various applications to gain such control over the video perspectives. Above all, you need different cameras for the same shot, but it's worth showing science experiments.

5. Storytelling and Subtitles

Storytelling is a powerful way to impress viewers and keep their interest in video presentations. This way, you can tap the emotional level of the audience with a positive psychological impact. However, begin with a compelling hook, shocking statistic, or a thought-provoking question. Organize content in a flow such as introduction, conflict, resolution, and conclusion.

Subtitles clarify complex spoken words and enable slow-paced viewers to learn. Besides, it encourages the impaired and multilingual audience to grasp the concepts.

Part 2. How To Embed or Insert Video in PowerPoint?

Inserting a video in PowerPoint serves fruitful benefits like engaging the audience. There are two ways to add video in PowerPoint, including embedding or inserting a video. Both have their advantage and drawbacks according to use-case preferences. So, learn both ways of video insertion to make video play automatically in PowerPoint:

Method 1. Insert Video in PowerPoint

Directly inserting video in PowerPoint is the simplest way, but it leads to a larger file size. The heavier the file, the more you will face trouble to share it and make it accessible for all. Otherwise, if you intend to present from your desktop, it's a fruitful way of video insertion. Move forward and get to the steps of adding video in PowerPoint:

Step 1. Double-tap on your PowerPoint file and access the desired slide to add video. Reach out the “Insert” option from the PowerPoint ribbon at the top. Now, look for the “Video” icon and click on “This Device” option from the drop-down list.

access video inserting options

Step 2. From the next screen, browse the intended video and press the "Insert" button. This way, you will get the desired video on the slide. You can hold and drag it from the corners to adjust its size and location. Hit your keyboard's "Space" key and play that video for a preview.

insert and adjust video

Method 2. Embed Video in PowerPoint

Embedding video puts users at ease when downloading the video into their system. On the contrary, they require an active internet connection to play that video while presenting. Still, it proves beneficial as it allows easy sharing of files on various platforms. Following are the steps for embedding video in PowerPoint to ensure PPT plays video automatically:

Step 1. Access the desired slide and head to the “Insert” option to choose the “Video” icon on top. Select the “Online Video” option from the drop-down list and get a pop-up screen.

access online video embedding system

Step 2. Switch to the YouTube video and hit the "Share" button below. From that pop-up menu, click on the white circle of "Embed" and enter the next window. Press "Copy" and get the link copied on your clipboard.

copy youtube video embed code

Step 3. Return to the screen in your PowerPoint and paste the link in the given bar. Get a video preview there and hit the "Insert" button below. Wait for a second and play the video on the slide.

paste and embed video to ppt

Part 3. Discussing The Comprehensive Technique to Make Video Play Automatically in PowerPoint

As discussed, videos are a cool option for showing products and processes. They are a great way to add new voices and perspectives to slides. Presenters can save themselves from troubles that might occur with manual video play. Let us illustrate some techniques that will make video play automatically in PowerPoint:

Step 1. Insert your preferred video in the slide by following the above video insertion steps. Select that video and click the "Playback" option from the top toolbar. Then, hit the downward symbol next to the "Start:" and choose "Automatically" from the list. It will ensure that your video will auto-play as you process to that slide with the slideshow mode.

access playback options

Step 2. Optionally, you can check the box of “Loop until Stopped” to continuously play video. Next, users can enable the “Play Full Screen” to make the video appear on the entire screen. Also, use the “Hide While Not Playing” to keep the video hidden except in the auto-play mode. Within the Video Options section, you should click on the “Volume” icon to adjust the sound volume.

manage other playback options

Bonus Part. Make Presentations More Engaging: Using Wondershare Presentory

PowerPoint play video automatically is a good choice in search of interactive presentations. What if you failed to make an engaging video presentation after following certain steps? It seems a lengthy and effortful to browse a relevant video and then add it to PowerPoint. Considering a solution, you should try Wondershare Presentory as the quickest presentation generator.

It’s an AI presentation-maker that can create attractive presentations within a shorter period. This innovative and dynamic AI tool brings an auto-play ability with video recording options. Presenters can even get templates and elements that are essential for interactive video. Apart from that, users can collaborate on projects with its cloud storage service.

Key Features About Wondershare Presentory

  1. Stunning Templates: Predesigned templates are the first ladder to getting refined presentations. In this regard, Presentory offers polished templates for all kinds of use cases, which can be customized according to their needs. The placeholders of text and multimedia guide users to maintain a minimalist appearance. Also, you can import your PPT to make improvements to it.
  2. AI-Generated Content: Who needs to search several websites for content when the AIGC feature is there? It allows you to identify your desired content domain and insert a topic. To get a definite response, you can add extra details, such as the number of targeted audiences. After getting content, prompt to add it to the slides or ask to regenerate for more choices.
  3. Productive Resources: Another footstep for an attractive presentation is the integration of visuals. This AI tool provides rich visual resources in the library for almost every domain. Likewise, there are stickers from food, animal, business, and education categories. Furthermore, it offers trending texts, slide backgrounds, transitions, and animation effects.
  4. Recording and Streaming: Count this AI software to present in global conferences and meetings. It enables a streaming option to connect at platforms like Zoom and Google Meets. Besides, you can record video tutorials, lessons, or product demos along with slides. Besides, presenters can apply makeup and remove blemishes from their faces.
  5. Teleprompter: Public speaking makes everyone nervous, so it's normal. Forgetting key points is the drawback of anxiety that can be avoided with this AI tool. It contains a teleprompter to import script in it or paste key data in it. This way, you can present lengthy speeches without getting trapped by the camera. It allows you to adjust text size, opacity, color, and alignment.

How to Create Attractive but Effortless Presentation Using Presentory

Use the powerful features of this AI tool to get creative presentations in seconds. Unlock the process of making projects by reading the steps given below.

Step 1: Access the Create with AI Option After Downloading

Download Wondershare Presentory from its official website, which is available for free. Launch it in your system and enter the main home screen to press the "Create with AI” option.

start creating with ai on presentory

Step 2: Generate Content with AI

From the next screen of "Presentory AI," select the content domain from 4 given options. Then, type your topic in the bar and hit the “Send” button. Review the generated content and click "Continue" to proceed. Choose a template design and tap “That’s All” to add the text to the slides.

generate script with ai

Step 3: Customize and Export the Project at the Allocated Path

Finally, you get elegant slides that can be customized using the options provided in "Resources" and "Animation." Additionally, users can use "Property" and "Shapes" to elevate the presentation. After customizing, look for the "Project" option at the top toolbar and choose “Save Project As.” Select a place to save the project in your system.

select template and make presentation


Overall, it can be said that presentations get enchanting when PPT plays video automatically. Annotations, overlays, AR effects, and multi-angle views contribute to creating such presentations. We have shed light on the ways to embed and insert videos in PowerPoint. Besides, you have learned the technique to auto-play video in PowerPoint.

Presentations might become more interactive if you try Wondershare Presentory. This AI presentation maker can generate AI content and present it on popular platforms. Apart from creating, it can help you enhance your imported PPT, videos, and images.

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