Screen recording includes documenting a working procedure in video format. PowerPoint screen recording involves adding video recordings in presentations for enhanced learning. Presentations are about visual learning; hence, such recordings take it to the next level. Instead of comprehending text, they provide a step-by-step practical guide to avoid confusion.

PowerPoint screen recordings with audio are influential during training programs. They enhance productivity by allowing users to replay a recording to master a skill. This article focuses on three reliable methods for PowerPoint video recording. It includes a detailed working knowledge of three tools to increase users’ productivity.

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Method 1: Recording Your Screen with the Built-In Feature

PowerPoint offers a diverse range of built-in features such as templates, fonts, and animation. Amongst these is the PowerPoint screen recording, assisting in training, education, and more. The feature is free to access, and users do not need technical skills. This section focuses on the step-by-step screen record procedure within this application:

Step 1: After opening this Microsoft program, go to the top toolbar and click the “Insert” tab. Amongst the features displayed in the "Insert" section, locate the "Screen Recording" option. Click it, and the recorder will display on the screen.

open recording feature in powerpoint

Step 2: Adjust the resolution of the recorder according to the screen part you want to record. At the top of the recorder pop-up, adjust settings like “Audio” and “Record Pointer.”

set parameters of recording

Step 3: Once you've set your preferences, click the red “Record” button to begin. By doing this, the pop-up will disappear. To change the recording status, reach the top of the screen with your cursor, and the pop-up will appear. From there, select the "Pause" or "Stop" button to end the action.

pause or stop powerpoint recording

Step 4: By doing so, the recorded video will be added to the PowerPoint slide automatically. Two additional “Video Format” and “Playback” tabs will appear at the top toolbar. In addition to trimming out the extra part of the video, right-click on it. A dropdown options menu will appear; choose the "Trim" option. Furthermore, trim your video from the Trimmer window and press "OK."

manage and trim recording

Step 5: To save this video on your device, right-click it with your cursor. From the dropdown menu, choose the "Save Media as" option and save it in your device folder.

save recording on powerpoint

Method 2: Record Your Screen and Yourself with Presentory

Screen recording in PowerPoint is attainable; however, users can do much more. Many software offers webcam screen recording, one of which is Wondershare Presentory. It is an AI-driven application designed to assist in crafting effective presentations. Users can access it online and employ its desktop version as their preference.

Users can also bring in their PowerPoint slides, pictures, and videos. To uplift presentations, it has built-in animations, stickers, and backgrounds. You can record both your screen and yourself to explain things better. This section will focus on using screen and camera recording with this AI software:

step1Open Presentory and Import a Presentation

After you've installed this software, sign in and click “Create Video Presentation.” From the Create project window, click on the "Import from PowerPoint” tab.

add presentation on presentory
step2Start Recording

After importing files, resize them on the display screen before recording. Then, click the "Record" option, and the recording will begin.

start recording on presentory
step3Customize the Recording Screen

Customize the recorder from the "Microphone," "Sound," and "Camera" options below. If you want to hide your video during recording, click the “Hide Camera Display” option. For an enhanced camera recording, click the “Camera Full-Screen” button. Turn on the “Merge Display” option to show your presentation and yourself together.

customize recording parameters on presentory
step4Pause/Stop Recording

From the recording screen, navigate the cursor towards the options at the bottom. From there, click the “Pause” and "Stop" buttons according to your needs.

pause or stop recording on presentory
step5Export the Screen Recording

Once you click the "Stop" button, you'll be directed to the Preview Recording window. You can trim your video and click the "Export" button at the bottom right corner of this screen. From the new window, set the name and location for the exporting file and hit the "Export" button. The download progress will show on the screen, and when it's done, click the “Open Folder” button to view your file.

export final presentation on presentory

Method 3: Insert Your Screen Recording Video to PowerPoint  

Wondershare DemoCreator is a professional platform specified for video recording. With its assistance, users can enhance their meetings and presentations across platforms. It has an advanced screen recording feature that includes webcam and narration abilities. Read the section below to learn more about how this screen recorder works.

Screen Recording in Wondershare DemoCreator

With this software, you cannot directly add a video to PowerPoint. Hence, the first stage involves screen recording and downloading it on your device. Here is the step-by-step procedure for doing this:

Step 1: Once you have downloaded this software and launched it, its main screen will appear. Navigate towards the "New Recording" tab and select it.

start new democreator recording

Step 2: This will bring up the screen recorder window where you can make customizations. Click the "Zone Capture" option to capture the screen. You can make manual changes in the screen ratios or expand the button below to choose one. Moreover, you can change the "System Audio," "Microphone," and "Webcam" options. After setting the recording elements, hit the "Recorder" icon to start recording.

set recording settings on democreator

Step 3: During recording, users can use the annotation tools in the recorder menu. They can use these tools to highlight, add text, and erase screens during recording. Click the "Stop" button from the recorder menu to stop recording.

stop recording on democreator

Step 4: After that, your video will be added to the Recording Library section. You can edit this video afterward using the effects, annotations, and other resources. Add any effect or transition you like to the timeline and edit the video.

enhance video recording

Step 5: Once you are through with editing, click the “Export” button to download it on your device. From the export window, choose the desired format and click "Export" again. Once the video download is complete, click the "Open Folder" button to see your video.

export final video on democreator

Adding Screen Recording in PowerPoint

Stage two involves adding the video created with DemoCreator to PowerPoint. This part involves the step-by-step guide to adding screen recording in PowerPoint:

Step 1: Start PowerPoint on your desktop and open the respective slide. Then, hover towards the top toolbar and click the “Insert” tab. Further, expand the “Video” option and click “This Device.”

add video to powerpoint

Step 2: Choose the recorded file from your device and add it will be automatically added. Right-click on this video recording and explore the options to edit it. Users can trim, style, cut, and do much more. This is how you can add a screen recording in PowerPoint.

insert video successfully


1. Can I record myself while presenting in PowerPoint?

No, the in-built feature of screen recording in PowerPoint does not include the option of webcam recording. It only records the screen, which leads to the need for some alternative recording system.

2. Can I record myself presenting a PowerPoint on Zoom?

Yes, you can record yourselves while presenting a PowerPoint slide on Zoom. Zoom is a dedicated platform that provides a video-calling system along with comprehensive recording options. There, you can turn on the webcam recording option to record yourself during the presentation.


After exploring various PowerPoint screen recording tools here, you know much about them. These tools help in enhancing your audience’s understanding via visual representation. These videos may include step-by-step guides, tutorials, and working knowledge of software.

We would conclude this reading by recommending Wondershare Presentory. It is an AI-supported, powerful, and reliable tool designed to achieve this goal. Users can generate AI presentations, employ screen recording, and add other visuals. It is a better way for users to explore screen recording in PowerPoint.

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