Do you know the elements of a good presentation? Many times, the audience gets bored while watching a presentation. Or the presentation lacks interactivity and influencing power. Thus, such presentations cannot deliver their main message to their audience. That’s why one should know how to create compelling PowerPoint presentations.

Through this article, you will learn the 5 elements of PowerPoint that can make any PPT impactful. By applying such elements, you can make the presentation persuasive and stand out. Thus, you should consider reading this descriptive guide.

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Part 1: 5 Key PPT Elements of a Good Presentation

In this part of the article, we will discuss the top 5 key elements of an excellent presentation. By implementing the PPT elements, you can enhance the quality of your presentation.

1. Clear Presentation Objectives and Flow – Persuasive

Before creating your presentation, clearly define the objectives. It would help if you decided on the objectives that you want to deliver. This will help you in creating a coherent structure for the presentation. Furthermore, ensure a logical flow of your PPT presentation. There should be a proper introduction, main content, and conclusion. You can highlight the key points to gain the focus of viewers.

To deliver a persuasive presentation, you should build a strong narrative. You can share your opinions and objections through the thesis statement. Moreover, add real-life incidents to make the content relevant. Thus, following a coherent presentation structure is necessary.

2. Concision and Simplicity – Comprehensive

Do you know what makes a presentation boring? Lengthy descriptions can deviate the focus of the audience. Nobody likes to go into descriptive details about any subject. You should make sure to incorporate concise content. The provided information should be easy to understand. By doing so, your audience can memorize the content without any effort.

One of the elements of a good presentation is to insert bullet points. Instead of using long paragraphs, you can use bullet points for explanations. This will also increase the readability of your created slides. Moreover, it’s recommended to maintain consistency in layouts, font, and color themes.

3. Incorporating Visuals – Vivid and Interesting

Textual content can make the presentation tedious. Without adding relevant visuals, you cannot grasp the attention of viewers. To support the textual content, you should always add high-resolution images. By seeing visuals, the audience can understand the main topics of your presentation. Furthermore, you can display the numerical data in the form of graphs and charts.

It can help viewers to understand the data through a glance. Moreover, human brains can quickly memorize the concept through visuals. While explaining complex concepts, you can use diagrams. Also, images and multimedia can evoke the emotions of your audience. This will also increase engagement and interactivity in your presentation.

4. Add Animation – Communicative

Do you want to communicate through the PPT slides? For effective communication, animation can significantly help you. You can provide clear instructions through animated characters and scenarios. Moreover, animate text overlays and graphics to highlight key points. Animations can also help in comparing two concepts. You can even highlight the similarities and differences in an appealing way.

The use of animation can also help in experimenting with your creativity. To make your presentation unique yet engaging, animation plays a key role. It can make the presentation anticipating and visually impactful. Thus, the use of animation is one of the beneficial PPT elements.

5. Call to Action – Appealing

To provide a sense of direction, you should give a call to action in the presentations. Through CTA, you can guide your audience about your narrative. It can also help in forming constructive relationships with your audience. By listening to your CTA, you can begin conversations with the viewers. Moreover, it can help in fetching effective feedback from the audience.

A call to action also helps reinforce the message. It can help people to memorize the key takeaways from your presentation. Furthermore, an efficient CTA can motivate your audience to take specific actions. You can also raise awareness among your audience with a coherent CTA at the end of your presentation.

Part 2: How to Create an Engaging Presentation?

To insert all the PPT elements as discussed above, you can use Wondershare Presentory. This AI tool can help in visualizing your data. It provides many resources and properties that you can add to your presentation. You can add backgrounds, stickers, and text overlays from many options. Using Presentory, you can add animated effects to make the content attractive. It offers various animated effects that can be useful for you.

Furthermore, it supports many live-streaming platforms like Skype and Zoom. Thus, you can live stream your presentation through this AI-integrated tool efficiently. You can also record your presentation by determining the settings of your camera, microphone, and sound. Moreover, you can import images, videos, and PPTs to explain the content. In simple words, you should use Presentory to create compelling presentations.

Major Features

  • Automated Presentation Creation: This tool offers an AI-generated tool to produce appealing presentations. It uses AI technology to automate the creation of presentations through the given topic.
  • Different Templates: If you are out of ideas to produce presentations, you can use its templates. It contains many rich templates that you can use for different cases.
  • High-Quality Recording and Streaming: Recording and live streaming is easier through Presentory. This tool lets you adjust the camera and microphone settings to deliver professional presentations.
  • Reliable Cloud Services: This AI-powered presentation tool also provides cloud storage through which you can share and store your presentations. It even allows you to create a video link for the presentation.

Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Compelling Presentations with Presentory

If you want to create an engaging presentation with all the elements, follow the step-by-step guide provided below for your ease:

Step1Navigate to Create with AI Option

Install and launch the latest version of Presentory on your PC. Click “Create with AI” to proceed and enter the topic of your presentation in clear words. You can also include further details of the topic. Now, click “Continue,” and the tool will display the script for your presentation.

tap on create with ai
Step2Enter the Presentation Topic

You can also refine the results by choosing “Try Again”. Yet, if you find the results, click the “Continue” button. The tool will ask you to select a theme for the presentation. Choose the desired theme and press the “Continue” option. After some seconds, the tool will distribute the content in the form of slides.

press the continue button
Step3Add the Manual Changes

You can also execute manual changes in the AI-created slides. This includes importing the media files and adding resources. Moreover, you can add animations and transition effects. You can also replace backgrounds and text graphics using the Presentory library.

modify the ai created presentation

PPT elements like conciseness and objectivity are essential. To make a presentation engaging and informative, you have to insert the recommended PPT elements. By doing so, you can make your presentation engaging and comprehensive. Furthermore, you can use Wondershare Presentory, which can make AI presentations for you. It has dozens of custom options to enhance your presentation. Also, it can add seamless transitions between the slides.

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