Think Bigger From Presentory User Guide

Edit Your PowerPoint Presentation

You can choose your favorite style from Presentory’s ten sets of theme styles. This selection determines the theme color of the presentation, which will apply to all related components within the document.

Therefore, once you choose a theme color scheme, Presentory will transform your entire document with a cohesive and visually appealing look.

choose the theme you like
Change the Theme Easily

1. Switching Layouts

You can quickly switch between layouts to choose the ideal one for your PowerPoint presentation:

Step 1: When you select a page in the presentation, you can click the Layout option. The parameter area on the right side will showcase the layout designs tailored to the current page.

Step 2: You can swiftly browse through these layouts, previewing how each will enhance the appearance of the current page. That allows you to choose the design that perfectly aligns with your needs, ensuring a visually stunning and well-structured presentation.

easily switch layout
Change the Layouts Easily

2. Text and Picture Editing

Presentory lets you edit the AI-generated text and pictures to customize your PowerPoint presentation and ensure it resonates with your audience.

1. Text Editing

Here’s the optimized version of the AI-generated paragraph with improved grammar and a more lively tone:

Step 1: When you select a specific item within the component, the content area on the right will expand, enabling you to perform detailed editing operations.

Step 2: You can choose an item and align it to the left, right, or center, catering to your personalized needs. However, Presentory doesn’t currently support scaling and displacement of individual items to maintain consistency and a clean design.

Step 3: If the component includes serial numbers, they will automatically adjust when you add or delete items. Additionally, you can reorder items by dragging and dropping them.

you can edit text freely
Edit Texts

2. Picture Editing

Here’s how to edit images in your PowerPoint presentation:

Step 1: To replace existing pictures, simply click the Upload button and select your images. Once you upload them, you can use the pan and zoom controls below to adjust the visible area of the image.

Step 2: The Fit button is a handy tool that quickly aligns the center of the picture with the center of the visible area, streamlining the process of adjusting your images.

Step 3: By selecting the Remove option, you can restore your uploaded custom images to the default pictures.

upload and insert images
Edit Pictures

3. Switch Templates

You can create new pages for your PowerPoint presentation and switch between templates to customize new content:

Step 1: The New button conveniently appears when you hover your mouse cursor or click the space between two existing pages.

Step 2: Clicking the New button triggers a series of pop-ups showcasing various predefined basic page layouts. You simply need to select one to create a new page.

Step 3: Once you pick a template, Presentory will generate a brand new page between the two existing pages, ready for further customization.

choose a layout template
Edit Texts

add a new page in presentory

4. AI Picture

Wondershare Presentory eliminates the need to gather images for your PowerPoint presentations. You can rely on its AI technology to enrich your content with suitable pictures.

  • When generating presentation content, our advanced algorithm extracts keywords from each text section on the page. It then matches and inserts relevant images, creating a seamless fusion of visuals and text.
  • This powerful combination of images and text enhances your efficiency in creating high-quality presentations and elevates the overall attractiveness and expressiveness of the content.
  • By automating finding and inserting relevant images, we empower you to create captivating presentations that leave a lasting impact.
choose a layout template
Edit Texts

matching-text-with-images.jpg ai-pictures-in-presentory.jpg

ai-generated pictures in presentory more examples of text-image matches

  • When generating demo content, our advanced model extracts top keywords from each text section on the page. They serve as the foundation for our AI-powered image search.
  • By clicking the AI Image button, you can effortlessly populate these keywords into the search bar, triggering an automatic search for relevant images.
  • Furthermore, you have the flexibility to modify these keywords, ensuring you can search for and upload pictures that perfectly align with your specific requirements.
  • This seamless integration of AI and user customization empowers you to effortlessly find and incorporate stunning visuals that enhance the impact and effectiveness of your content.
search for ai images using keywords
Keyword-based AI Image Search
add an ai image
AI Illustration


After editing your content and visual design, you can share or save your PowerPoint presentation to your device for seamless printing. You can export it to PPT or PDF format.

export your powerpoint presentation
AI Illustration