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Exploring the Power of AI Background for PPT

Presentory Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Feb 27, 24

Are you seeking to enhance the visual allure of your slides effortlessly? Look no further! With our extensive collection of AI PowerPoint backgrounds, including AI in banking PPT options, you'll captivate your audience instantly.

Why settle for ordinary slides when you can dazzle with AI-infused designs? From sleek and professional AI backgrounds for PPT to vibrant options tailored specifically for banking presentations, we've got you covered.

Read this guide to learn more about the AI background for PPT. At the end of the discussion, you'll certainly possess the expertise and abilities necessary to produce professional-grade presentations swiftly. So, let's begin and unleash the complete potential of PowerPoint with AI!

In this article
    1. Incorporating Wondershare Presentory for AI Background for PPT
    2. Banking PowerPoint Template
    3. Finance PowerPoint Template
    4. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Wondershare Presentory
    5. Tips For Further Improving Presentation Designs

How to Use AI Background For PPT?

AI has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, and its integration into PowerPoint presentations is no exception. Leveraging AI in PowerPoint enhances the design and delivery of presentations and streamlines content creation and engagement. Here are seven innovative ways to utilize AI in PowerPoint presentations:

  • Utilize AI-powered templates for professional-looking presentations effortlessly.
  • Generate interactive quizzes based on presentation content to enhance audience engagement.
  • Condense lengthy text into concise bullet points or key takeaways with AI-powered summarization tools.
  • Automatically convert spoken content from audio recordings into visual slideshows using AI-driven transcription tools.
  • Enhance presentation text clarity and quality with real-time suggestions for grammar and style from AI-powered writing assistants.
  • Generate custom visuals and graphics based on textual descriptions using AI-driven image generation tools.
  • Automatically create visually appealing data visualizations based on presentation data with AI-powered chart generators.

By incorporating AI into PowerPoint presentations, users can streamline the design process, enhance interactivity, and elevate their presentations' overall quality and impact. From design assistance to content generation and analysis, AI offers many opportunities to optimize creating and delivering engaging presentations.

Incorporating Wondershare Presentory for AI Background for PPT

Wondershare Presentory is a cutting-edge AI-powered PowerPoint generator that offers a seamless solution for creating professional presentations with minimal effort. It stands out as one of the best tools in AI PowerPoint background, providing users access to a vast library of templates and design elements tailored to various industries and themes.

Banking PowerPoint Template

banking powerpoint template example

Clean and modern design with blue and white color scheme. It includes placeholders for financial data, customer statistics, and banking services. Features professional icons and graphics related to banking operations.

Finance PowerPoint Template

finance powerpoint template example

Sleek and professional design with orange and gray color scheme. It contains sections for investment analysis, market trends, and financial projections. It also incorporates dynamic charts and graphs for visualizing financial data.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Wondershare Presentory 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use Wondershare Presentory (Online Version)

Step 1: Open your web browser and Navigate to Presentory.

presentory online version

Step 2: If you're a new user, sign up for a Presentory account using your email address or social media accounts. If you already have an account, simply log in using your credentials.

presentory log in

Step 3: Choose the Category that best suits your presentation needs, such as Banking or Finance.

finance ppt

Step 4: Explore the available Templates within the selected category and choose the one that aligns with your presentation topic and style preferences and click Generate.

presentory templates

Step 5: Customize each slide by Adding your Content, including Text, Images, and Data.

presentory log in

Step 6: Take advantage of AI-powered features like Automatic Layout Suggestions, content summarization, or image generation to streamline the creation process and enhance visual appeal.

presentory automatic layout suggestion

Step 7: Preview your presentation to ensure coherence and consistency across slides. Make any necessary edits or adjustments to optimize the flow and clarity of your content.

presentory ppt preview

Step 8: Once satisfied with your presentation, download it in PowerPoint format or share it directly with collaborators via email or social media platforms.

export powerpoint

By following these steps, you can leverage Wondershare Presentory's online version to create professional-grade presentations effortlessly, saving time and effort while impressing your audience with captivating slides.

Tips For Further Improving Presentation Designs

Although the AI PowerPoint background tools can help you with the design, you still need to keep a few things in mind. Check out the tips provided below to learn more about PPT design principles.

  • Put objects and other visual elements in the right place. Make sure that the general layout will not confuse your audience.
  • The overall look of your slide presentation must be consistent with your chosen goal and theme. Check the color, font style, text, size, graphics, etc., and ensure they are coordinated well.
  • About data and statistics, use a witty visualization. You may add some graphs, charts, and the like.
  • Transitions and special effects make the slide presentation look magnificent. But don’t overdo it. Keep the animation simple throughout the presentation to avoid confusion and distractions.
  • Choose the template very well. Make sure it reflects the topic you want to discuss in your presentation.
  • Proofread the text for grammar slip-ups, misspelled words, missing punctuations, and misplaced words.
  • Add images, digital art, videos, and audio files to make your slide presentation more engaging and interactive.
  • Prioritize clarity and accuracy about the information you will include in your slide presentation. Check the veracity of the statements before sharing them with others.
  • Try to segregate ideas into individual slides. Don’t mix different concepts in one slide to prevent confusing the audience.

Take note of the tips enumerated above. Consider them when you create slide presentations, along with the design tools offered by the AI PowerPoint background generator. For sure, you’ll able to come up with a great PPT output in no time.


For certain, the AI PowerPoint background is just one of the many things that can offer amazing assistance for PPT creation. There’s a lot more to discover and explore. But for now, take note of the discussions above. Learn how to use Wondershare Presentory as a great AI PPT background generator. On top of that, apply the tips provided earlier to improve your slideshow even further. Integrate the AI PowerPoint background tool into your slide presentation concept and see the best they can give you. Use these tools to easily create visually striking slides, regardless of your design expertise level. Are you ready to incorporate artificial intelligence and smart design concepts into your next project? If so, download Wondershare Presentory on your desktop and use its AI PPT background features.


Here are some frequently asked questions about AI PowerPoint background. Read them one by one to learn more.
  • What are the benefits of an AI PowerPoint background generator?
    Of course, it can help anyone craft a stunning slideshow presentation without manually working on the design. On top of that, you can focus more other important tasks for your reporting and presentation. Just specify your preferred PPT look on the platform and choose the best result that matches your preferences.
  • Is it necessary to prioritize the design when creating slideshow presentations?
    The short answer is absolutely yes. The main purpose of the PPT during the presentation is to provide an engaging and interactive visual aid. Hence, its general design matters a lot. Don’t worry. As mentioned earlier, many AI PPT background generators can greatly help you.
  • Is there an AI background in finance PPT?
    Of course, there is. Most AI PowerPoint background generators, like Wondershare Presentory, cover wide-ranging themes. Thus, you’ll find the perfect design for finance, banking, or PPT topics. Just take time to explore the options before you choose one. It will help you make sure that you get hold of the best AI background in banking PPT.
Presentory Feb 27, 24
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