Visuals are a powerful source to convey a message in this information-saturated world. In modern communication, they grab the attention and retain the audience's memory. Presenters include visuals in their presentations to convey the message effectively. They often use PowerPoint format, which is gradually being replaced with video presentations.

Videos are a modern medium of content sharing with a broader audience. PPT to video converter software can assist you in making video presentations. They can enhance the visual appeal of your presentation while inserting customized content in them. So, read this article and find the 10 best PPT to video converters available online and for PC.

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  3. Compelling Reasons Why You Should Consider Converting Your PPT to Video

Part 1. Top 6 PowerPoint to Video Converters for PC

There are different scenarios where PC tools are preferred over online tools. For instance, PC software does not require a constant internet connection. They are more secure regarding confidential data and have greater accessibility over data. Considering this, below are the top 6 PowerPoint to video converters for Windows PCs:

1. Wondershare Presentory

Presentory is an AI presentation-maker tool that makes virtual connection easier. It can create engaging presentations with its intuitive interface. Diverse users from education, business, training, or other data-sharing fields can benefit from it. Its resources have an extensive collection of stickers, trending texts, and slide backgrounds.

Moreover, it offers a cloud storage service that ensures team collaboration and data security. By using this AI tool, users can discover updated templates with consistent and stunning designs. You can get AI-generated presentation outlines by providing detailed prompts. This PowerPoint slide-to-video converter can also connect you to popular platforms like Zoom, etc.

presentory ppt to video converter


  • Resource library offers unique animation and transition effects.
  • The teleprompter feature ensures that presenters explain essential parts of the script.
  • AI-generated content gets added to the chosen template with a single click.


  • Limited shapes are available in the resources.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
Premium $16/year
Perpetual $54.4

2. iSpring Converter Pro 11

This professional converter can turn your PowerPoint presentation into MP4 video and HTML5. The converted videos can be shared on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting platforms. Before converting, you can attach resources, external navigations, and a table of contents. It allows you to set presentation color schemes and highlight key points with marker tools.

ispring converter ppt to video converter


  • It lets you compress the MP4 files and change their quality before downloading.
  • Add a password to restrict access to unauthorized users.


  • Lacks interactive elements like quizzes and polls for students' video presentations.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
iSpring Suite $770/year
iSpring Suite Max $970/year
iSpring Suite Premium $1970/year

3. DigitalOfficePro

DigitalOfficePro is a conversion tool that converts PPT into DVD and other video formats. While converting, it preserves the original sounds, animations, and transitions in PowerPoint files. This PPT-to-video converter software offers batch conversion of up to 15 files simultaneously. It supports output file formats of MOV, MP4, ASF, and WMV that are shareable on many platforms.

digitalofficepro ppt to video converter


  • You can record your narrating video using its Web camera.
  • Converted videos are supported on iPhones, iPads, PCs, and TVs.


  • Limited to just PPT to video conversion and lacks other functions like editing.

Pricing Plans


4. Leawo PowerPoinmt to Video Pro

Convert the PowerPoint presentation into the video format of your choice by using Leawo. Besides, it can extract audio from PowerPoint and convert it into audio like MP3 and MP4A. You can import a PPT file in PPT, PPTX, PPSX, and POTM formats. This tool allows you to insert any watermark and logo in your project before conversion.

leawo ppt to video converter


  • Users can set export file parameters like aspect ratio, frame rate, and resolution.
  • For easier operation, it offers 8 language support to users’ interface.


  • Conversion of larger files takes a longer time or slows down your system.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
One Year License $44.95
Lifetime $69.95

5. ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to Video

This PPT-to-video converter tool can transform PPTs into MP4, MOV, and other video formats. It allows you to add your commentaries, watermarks, and music in PPTs. Before converting, users can adjust slide transition intervals and preview PPTs. In addition, you can make batch file conversions without less CPU resource consumption.

imtoo ppt to video converter


  • Set the application on auto-exist, stand by, and hibernate after completing the task.
  • Preview PPT files in thumbnail and list mode one by one before converting.


  • It does not offer 1080p video resolution downloading in its free version.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
Personal $49.95
Business $99.95

6. VeryPDF

VeryPDF is a functional application to convert PPT presentations into videos. The conversion process retains good quality with original animations and music effects in videos. Users can specify their output video file's frame sizes, width, and height. This PPT-to-video converter can optimize the video to play on mobile devices. Also, you can get an embedded link to the video to share on the website.

verypdf ppt to video converter


  • Support videos to play on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and PSP.
  • Retain bullets, colors, and font size the same in PPT to video conversion.


  • It offers limited features if compared with other cheap video converters.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
VeryPDF GUI License VeryPDF Command Line License
Single Personal User License: $39.95 Server License: $299.95
Single Commercial User License: $59.95 Site License: $499.95
2-5 Personal User License: $59.95 Developer License: $1499.95
2-5 Commercial User License: $79.95  
Site License: $199.95  

Part 2. Best 4 Online PPT to Video Converters

Individuals prefer online PPT to video converting tools that are convenient in many situations. Online tools get regular updates as compared to manual upgradation of desktop versions. They also do not require any device compatibility or storage crucial for desktop tools. Thus, we have listed down the 4 best online PowerPoint slide-to-video converters.


In PPT to video conversion, offers the conversion process straight from your browser. It allows you to record your video with voice and multiple layouts. For business presentations, it can add subtitles in videos and translate them into different languages. You can add images, text, and annotations in PowerPoint presentations before downloading them to an MP4 file.

veed io ppt to video converter


  • Offers 6 layouts to record presentations with camera, audio, screen, slides, or combinations.
  • Change the backgrounds of video presentations with colors and images.


  • It causes trouble while uploading videos and audio files from your system.

Pricing Plans

Plan Price
Basic $12/month
Pro $24/month
Business $59/month

2. PDF2Everything

Simplify your workflow by using this PPT to video converter software. Its main functions include high-quality conversion and versatile sharing options. Users must upload their PPT or PPTX file of a maximum of 20MB in this online tool. Afterward, they can customize settings and define the video's width from 100-1024px.

pdf2everything ppt to video converter


  • Keep a record of your converted files, operating time, and other details.
  • The more straightforward interface assists students or non-professionals in the converting process.


  • Limited setting customization options if compared with other online tools.

Pricing Plans


3. Aspose

This online PPT-to-Video converter can turn your selected slides into MP4 video. If you are planning to display video on a big screen, then you can set the HD resolution of videos. Users can import PPT files from their system, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It also allows you to set transitions, audio, slide duration, and video resolution before converting.

aspose ppt to video converter


  • You can convert specific slides into video by prompting slide range.
  • Transforms 50 PPT slides into video with a maximum file size of 35MB.


  • It takes a long time to process and requires a strong internet connection.

Pricing Plans


4. Converter365

Converter365 can turn PPT into MP4 files, no matter how many files you want to convert. For this purpose, you must upload your PPT file from the device or paste a URL link. After uploading, you can select the file format from MP4A, MP4B, MOV, MOD, and M4V options. It allows you to convert batch files into your desired output video format.

converter365 ppt to video converter


  • Offers an option to delete the current file and upload another one without returning it.
  • Despite uploading a PPT file, you can also import a Word document for MP4 conversion.


  • Does not offer any export file parameters like resolution, frame sizes, etc.


Plan Price
Basic $97.99/year
Pro $277.99/year
Unlimited $595.88/year

Part 3. Compelling Reasons Why You Should Consider Converting Your PPT to Video

PowerPoint formats are ideal for giving structure to presentation content. In contrast, videos are the modern source to visualize content in a storytelling manner. The choice between both depends on the context, goals, and the nature of the content. Using PowerPoint presentation to mp4 converter can prove beneficial in many ways. The following are just a few reasons for considering PPT to MP4 conversions.

1. Wider Accessibility

Videos are accessible to most platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and websites. This way, your content gets maximum reach to a wider audience. In this fast-paced era, people have less attention span to read PPT files independently. Thus, videos are a more engaging way to convey ideas with pause, play, and rewind options. They are viewable on a variety of devices without any software installation.

People with impairments can understand the message through video captions and gestures. Multilingual audiences will also have the option to translate video captions and get the idea. Videos emotionally impact specific kinds of viewers with sounds and elements. Many non-profit organizations use this medium to convey a deeper message and lasting impact.

2. Online Sharing

To view PowerPoint files, users must download Microsoft PowerPoint on their devices. Alternatively, videos play on built-in software on devices and do not require any installation. You can share them on YouTube, TikTok, Zoom, Instagram, or other platforms. Plus, they can be shared through links in e-mail, social media, and other websites.

Despite online sharing, they can grab viewer’s attention with cinematic effects and graphics. Moreover, videos enable you to track content impressions after sharing on platforms. Videos shared online will have more content preservation and reusability in the future.

3. Remote Presentations

In an educational context, videos provide a hybrid learning mode outside classrooms. Students can watch videos regardless of time zone and location. Once you have converted your PowerPoint into a video, you can use it many times. Video presentations can enable stakeholders across the globe to attend or listen to board meetings.

The COVID-19 pandemic teaches us the proper use of communication channels. In that era, many tools were developed for making virtual connections. This way, videos replaced the old PPT presentations by providing more tech-savvy sources. Incorporating videos for presentations has cut the need for physical presence at the venue.

4. Narration and Closed Captions 

Verbal PPT presentations can clear a few points, but videos provide in-depth details with narrations. With narrations, anyone can control the delivery pace as per their learning pace. Narrations and audio descriptions also enable impaired individuals to understand the information. In some institutions, authorities require captions in video to make it accessible for all.

Such videos help people to clarify dialogues and complex terminologies. Imagine you are sitting in the last row of your classroom PPT presentation. That’s why you are unable to hear and read the important lecture. Thus, videos with captions and narrations prove fruitful in addressing such concerns.


Ultimately, PPT to video converter software serves many benefits in different domains. They enable online sharing and remote presentations after PPT to MP4 video conversion. In this article, we have highlighted the best PPT-to-video converting tools online and on PC. We have shed light on their benefits, drawbacks, and pricing plans for you to select the suitable one.

Now, you can analyze the best tool that fits your needs and goals. After certain considerations, we conclude that Wondershare Presentory is a top-notch tool. It offers you PPT to video conversion in different layouts and beautification effects. Thus, you should give this AI tool a try, which is affordable software with the most benefits.

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